Getting Back on the Road


Life without shows has been pretty darn boring lately. Not only that, but I’ve missed a ton of good shows that have come through Montreal because I’ve been too broke. BUT this Thursday is coming up REALLY fast and that marks the beginning of CONCERT SEASON again… and going back “on tour” with some of my favorite bands and favorite people.

Also, it’s official- in May I’m going back to Toronto with two of my best friends.

The view from me&Jenia’s hotel room when we lived there for 4 days last sumer

I never thought I’d say that I really truly miss this city. I went for the first time last May and I’ve been way too much since then. But I miss it now & I can’t wait to spend a couple days there again. Also: we get to go to a show. Bonus!

I miss the hysterical 6 hour bus rides to TO!

It’s my last few months of freedom before I go back to school and I want to make the best of it. I can’t wait to make this summer the best one yet!


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