Ohio is for Lovers


I’m actually so upset. For the first time ever, tomorrow I’ll be passing up the opportunity to interview a band because of work. I don’t like calling in sick when I’m not actually sick, especially when it means turning down a shift’s worth of money… But I’ll be missing the chance to interview a band that I was completely in love with when I was 15-16 (and in my punk/emo phase)

Back in the days when this was their biggest hit (probably still is)…

It’s a classic on my Itunes. Seriously. I can’t believe I’m giving up interviewing Hawthorne Heights for a 5.5 hour shift.


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  1. I’m the same way. In my current job, I’ve never called in sick but I’ve asked for my fair share of time off! From now until May 7th, I have four days requested off. My boss wasn’t happy about it but she gave ’em to me!

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