I Met You on a Stormy Weekend


Life has been incredibly up and down these last few days- even these last few weeks. I can go from having a million things to do, to not quite sure what to do with myself at all.

This week has been pretty crazy, and I’m really looking forward to my jam-packed weekend.

Yesterday Agnes & Tamara came over to my house and we ordered some dinner, pulled out our laptops, registered for the ‘Walk to End Women’s Cancers’ in August, and then set up our profile pages/had a good time. We were absolutely hysterical all night, and it was nice to just hang out and laugh while still doing something productive somewhere in between.

Today I’m doing a spontaneous phone interview with a band called Brasstronaut. They’re like a mix of Indie/Soul/Alternative. It’s the first time I’ve heard of them and they’ve definitely caught my eye. I”m excited to interview them (even if it’s just by phone) and get the chance to hear a bit more about them. This is exactly why I love what I do- I’m constantly discovering new talent that I would have never heard of otherwise.


After my interview I’m meeting up with Jenia & Jenn and we’re driving to Trois-Rivieres for a MUCH needed road trip to a random town and a good show. We’ll be staying in T-R overnight and then making it back to Montreal in time for us to all get to work tomorrow afternoon.

One of my favorite pictures and moments EVER with Jenn & Jenia. Every time I remember this moment, I smile. ❤

Saturday I’ll be heading downtown with Jenia for a meeting with the CONFRONT mag staff. Afterwards we’ll be heading to Fouf’s for a birthday party & a good night with some friends.

Getting back to work on Sunday morning should be VERY interesting.


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