10 Things: Week 7


10 Things That Made Me Happy This Week

1. This week I really got back into reading. I tried to put the watching TV thing aside and focus more on getting through my increasing pile of to-read books. I nearly got through 4 whole novels in less than a week, which was a pretty awesome feeling.

Currently Reading:

2. On Tuesday, I trusted my better judgment and declined the interview with Hawthorne Heights to go to work. Everyone told me to call in sick, but I wanted to be more responsible then that and do the right thing. I made the best of my shift that night, even though I think I helped 3 people in the whole 6 hours that I was there. Later that night, guess what I found out? The band was held up at the border and never even MADE IT to the show. I took it as some good karma for doing the right thing even though I didn’t want to AT ALL. Point for me!

Sorry Hawthorne, maybe next time you make it into my city I’ll get to interview you!

3. On Wednesday I started my morning off by writing out an e-mail to a record label for a band we want to book for our Benefit Concert. It had me really excited because the label contacted us for the information, which gives me a really good feeling about things right now. I know I shouldn’t keep my hopes so high, but I just can’t help it. i want this to work out SO BAD!!

Okay so we won’t exactly have a Bell Center crowd like Bon Jovi. But we definitely want to sell our show out!

4. After work on Wednesday, Tamara & Agnes came over and we signed up for the walk that we’re trying to raise all this money for. It feels really good to be doing something like this and getting the chance to plan all these fund-raising causes.

5. Thursday = road trip day, FINALLY. I love these two girls to death and whenever we go somewhere together, it’s bound to be a good time.

The three of us always find something to amuse ourselves with…

6. Finishing up my Barenaked Ladies article this week was a really big accomplishment. It was a little over 2,000 words and it took me a while to write because I wasn’t sure how I wanted  to make it sound. But I finished it, and it goes up on the mag’s website next week so I’m really happy about that!

7. I can’t remember which day this week, but I was finishing up my article and I had my Itunes on shuffle and for some reason, my Itunes always knows just what to play… and it put some Jimmy Eat World on. And that had me listening to all of their songs again and falling back in love with that band for the millionth time. J.E.W song of the week: 23

Seeing Jimmy Eat World on Canada Day 2008 was one of the highlights of that year. I miss them

8. On Wednesday I made a really important decision. I will no longer be using my credit card on anything except bill payments or online payments that actually need a credit card. No more ‘I’m going to stop by Tim Horton’s for a coffee and a bagel on my MasterCard’. It’s time to get rid of the rest of my debt. Finally deciding to make that decision is the best thing I’ve done in a while.

9. On Monday, I used the rest of my Gift Card at Chapters and bought 5 more books. That gift card is actually never ending; so far it’s gotten me 9 books, and it’s still going. It was kind of awesome! Plus: I didn’t have to actually spend a penny. That’s always a plus.

10. Okay so I’m scheduling this post in advance since I know I won’t be home on Friday to do it. But today (Thursday) is a BEAUTIFUL day. And I’m blaring music, and everything is good right now. I’m in a great place and I’m happy. So for all these reasons, this week has been really great and I’m incredibly happy about that!

Have a good weekend!


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