Love is the answer, that’s what they say


I’ve been way too tired to post since my road trip. But the rest of my weekend was a ton of fun.

On Saturday I headed downtown for a meeting with the CONFRONT staff. It’s always motivating to get to talk with all the girls to figure out our game plan. That’s what I’m calling it anyway. I’m so excited, this magazine can really do amazing things.

Once our meeting was over, Jenia & I headed out for Dave’s birthday. We met up with Jenn as well as a bunch of Dave’s friends, and we partied until around 2:30AM.

Jared, me & Jenn!

Me, Jenn & the birthday boy!

Jared & I got married when no one was looking!

Jenia and I. Oh and Jared’s hat, which everyone wore at some point or another!

We made a dancing train for the sake of an original picture… I think?!

Overall it was a really fun night, and we all need to do that again soon!

As predicted, work on Sunday was really, REALLY hard. I slept terribly and nearly went home during my whole shift. But I stuck it through. After work I got to spend a couple hours with Agnes, Kate and Selina. We never get to spend a long time together because our schedules are so hectic, but it was nice to go out for dinner with them and catch up. I love those girls to death.

This week is going to be pretty low key. Lots of working and catching up on sleep. Maybe more reading too. Next week is going to be super packed with shows and fun times and spending money and road tripping. I’m excited!!

But more on that later. Now it’s time for bed!


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