“I call it Peer-enting!”


I have two new TV obessions.

1. Modern Family. This show is HI-LA-RI-OUS. Seriously. I’m practically peeing my pants at every episode.

2. Cougar Town. This show makes me want to watch all of the season of Friends… which is on my to-do list anyway. But Courtney Cox is freaking AWESOME. I wasn’t expecting much from this show but I caught up with the first season within a week. It’s seriously REALLY funny.

In other news, this week is terribly boring compared to last week. Besides work, I haven’t done anything all that interesting. Luckily, next week is going to make up for it!

Tuesday April 6th: Mackenzie 1st & Faber Drive in 3Rivs

Wednesday April 7th: Boys Like Girls (possible interview!!) + BLG, Hedley, Stereos & Fefe Dobson show at the Bell Center. Then, The New Cities @ The Radio Lounge right after. Then partying. That is going to be a night of serious good times… Followed by a morning of working early.

Friday April 9th: The New Cities & The Mission District in St-Hyacinthe

Saturday: BIRTHDAY PARTY TIME! Clubbing (I think?) for Agnes’ birthday with some people that I haven’t seen in WAY too long.

Seriously, week of AWESOME-ness. And no sleeping. But whatever, what’s sleep anyway!?

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