I miss this feeling…


One more day of work before I get to roadtrip with two of my best friends to see some amazing bands play.

Every day since last Thursday has been a countdown for this coming Tuesday, when we all get back into Jenn’s car, put some music on and hit the road back to 3Rivs. And then back home. Then to the Bell Center… and then a few days later hopefully to St.Hyacinthe. I’m basically going to be living with these two girls for 4 days and I couldn’t be more excited.

I’m already exhausted from an intense weekend of work (Well, I mostly played with toys such as Crazy Forts because it was so gosh darn dead… Gotta love Easter!) but it still meant waking up early, etc etc.

But nothing will stop us. I’ve decided that no matter who else does this for these bands, no one can replace us… no matter how hard they try. We’re the originals & I’ll never forget what that means, or what we’ve been through.

Kingston road trip, May 2008. In other words, the best month (and day) of that year. I will never forget our amazing circle outside that venue along with the fudgeos and the Britney Spears singing… That was not done by us.

The things we do… ❤


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