See, I could spend forever here & never wanna stop


This past week has been a blur of shows, lack of sleep in random hotels & good times with friends. I don’t know if it’s physically possible for me to write a post about everything that happened.

Basically, my week turned into an adventure with two of my best friends that I’ll never forget. 4 shows in 4 days- one of them that I wasn’t even supposed to go to but at the very last second did.

The picture is the three of us on Day One at the Mackenzie 1st & Faber Drive show. We ended up doing Merch for Mackenzie First for the entire show and we made some new friends along the way. We did however go inside to watch Faber perform because we all haven’t seen him in ages.

I have to admit, I have a completely new found love for Faber since this tour. I used to really like his music, but now I just can’t take it off repeat. The entire band (including their merch guy) are complete sweet hearts and I’m really happy to have gotten the chance to meet all of them.

Faber performing at the first show. He has great energy on stage & he’s so good with his fans.

On our second day, we drove back from 3Rivs and went to Dave’s house for the night. He lent us his place since he was touring with Faber for the week. We got ready for our 2nd show there: Fefe Dobson, Stereos, Boys Like Girls & Hedley at the Bell Center.

After getting ready, we poured ourselves a few glasses of Peach Chardonnay and had a good time ❤

I think this show was the best of 2010 so far. I’ve never seen a band with as much energy as Hedley. When Jake walked the cat walk at the Bell Center and stood at the very end of that stage in front of everybody, he had every single fan’s completely and utter attention. He’s an unbelievable performer and every time I get to see him I’m truly amazed by his talent. I don’t care what anyone else thinks of this band, until you see them live it’s impossible to know how phenomenal they really are.

Jake is definitely one of today’s top Canadian talents out there. Un. Believable.

The best moment of the night was when Hedley played the song ‘Old School’ and Jenn, Jenia, Laura & I grabbed each other and started swaying and singing the lyrics at the top of our lungs. That song really hit home and I have to admit I cried a little. “The days we went crazy, the nights wild and hazy” never fit more then it did at this exact point in my life. I was so overwhelmed by the people I was with, the place I was in and the music I was listening to.

After the show, the three of us headed to Radio Lounge for a few hours to support The New Cities who were bartending for charity. The club got really packed which none of us liked very much so we left around 1:30AM, but it was really nice to see the guys for a bit.

After 2 days of not sleeping very much, I was beyond exhausted to say the least on Thursday morning. I wasn’t feeling good & I was ready to feel better before our last show the next day. That didn’t happen. We spontaneously decided that we were going to drive to Drummondville to see Mack 1 & Faber again on their last show of the tour. None of us wanted our fun to end… so we sucked it up and went. And had a freaking blast.

Dave was nice enough to get us in for free. So we watched their Merch again. This time, it was inside the venue so we got to dance and listen to all the bands perform while we hung out. We also had a really nice moment with Faber on-stage, and I have to say that it was pretty unforgettable, thank you very much. We ARE awesome.

For the sake of memories & remembering our week… we decided we wanted a picture with all of the guys. We got two, because Faber said so. This was Take Two.

Our final day was a whole big confusion, not worth explaining. The final result was that one of our three couldn’t make it, but we brought Lisa along anyway. So Jenn, Lis & I made the quick drive to St-Hyacinthe to see The Mission District and The New Cities,  and we had a pair of tickets already there and waiting for us.

On our way to St-Hyacinthe

It’s very unlike us to ask for Guest list, but this week was all about having fun on a low budget because we were all broke, so Dave from TNC pulled some strings for us and got us 2 free tix. I love the guy and the things he does for us. Both TMD and TNC put on an amazing show as always. It doesn’t matter how many TNC shows I go to & I’ll say this every time, but they never get old for me. This band has done so much for me and their music means way too much for me to ever feel otherwise about them.

After the set we stuck around for a while to talk to the guys. We ended up being the last ones there and we got escorted out by Dave who claimed to be our bodyguard. It was nice to spend a bit of time with him and the other guys after the set… It’s been ages since we all just hung around and talked. It’s been a lot harder to see them with all their new fans and everyone wanting to see them and get pictures, etc. I’m so used to it just being us and just hanging out, but I’m slowly getting used to it. Shows like this one remind me that some things won’t change and I really needed that.

This is where it all started, almost 2 and a half years ago. I will always love this picture.

After the show we drove back to Jenn’s and crashed for the night. We slept for a good 8-9 hours which felt really good. By the time I got home in the early afternoon I already missed the adventures. Although I missed my bed more than anything at that point, I would have traded it in for a few more days on the road with my best friends, amazing music, and everything else that comes with this half of my life. Although back in October I had a huge show overdose, this week reminded me why I love doing this and why I never want it to stop.

I can’t wait for May 8th. The Mission District, The New Cities & Faber Drive in Montreal. That is going to be one hell of a night.


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