10 Things: Week 9


10 Things That Made Me Happy This Week

Okay, this week was pretty boring. Seriously, I don’t think I can name 5 things that were good about this week… Because I literally spent the entire time at work and feeling sick… and coming home and going to bed. That might sound slightly pessimistic, and I could really try, but instead I’m going to pick 10 things from the last 2 weeks together because I wasn’t home last week to write this post- and last week has lots of really amazing things to remember.

1. Spending 6 straight days with some of my absolute best friends. I know that my post about my week on the road isn’t very far down, but it’s almost like I just came back from a vacation. I mean, I didn’t work for a whole week and I wasn’t home at all either. Oh, and I was having the time of my life with some of my favorite people. Definitely something that made me happy last week.

2. The first show on the tour, in 3Rivs made me happy in general. It was my first small show in a while… I miss intimate concerts like that. It was just us, some other fans, the bands, and the merch. It was also a good way to make new friends.

The 3 of us with one of the opening bands, Delta 20, who came over to US and asked us for a picture. Hah!

3. Dancing like nobody’s business with the girls while Hedley played Never Too Late at the Bell Center the following day. We were so in tune that show, first swaying, then bursting out into crazy awesome dance moves at the end. We’re too cool.

The four of us in Toronto waiting outside Sound Academy, October 2009

4. Having a moment with Faber on-stage in Drummondville the following night. He pointed & told the three of us that we we rocked. It was kind of awesome… and a girl filmed it front row so we’ve got a memory of it too!

About a minute into this video, Faber looks up and points to us & talks to us. ❤

5. Making that 4th concert in a row work. Going to St-Hyacinthe on that last day was this huge confusing thing, but we ended up going and having a really good time. (But we missed one of our 1/3 that night, it wasn’t the same without her). It was just really nice to stay and talk after the show & not feel stressed about leaving or being awkward about being the last people there. We just were and it was fun.

Jenia wasn’t with us, but Lisa came along & we had a really good time! Aren’t we dangerous, taking pictures as Jenn drives…

6. Despite how Saturday night ended, it started out really amazing. I went out to 737 for a really good friends’ birthday and danced & hung out with a bunch of people that I don’t get to see nearly often enough. I was really happy that I got to spend atleast a few hours with the Birthday Girl who I really adore very much. ❤

The birthday girl & I at dinner!

7. On Monday night, James & I ended up going out for coffee together. I actually haven’t hung out with him in a month or more…. and I used to see him atleast once a week, if not twice or even three times. It’s been really strange without him in my life these last few weeks because our schedules just haven’t been working out; but on Monday it felt like nothing changed. We sat with our coffees and talked, talked, talked… And I really missed doing that.

8. Tuesday I had my very first Conference Call at work. I sat in with two executives from HarperCollins Publishing… and it’s going to become a monthly thing. It’s really cool, we’re going to start organizing in-store contests & find ways to keep everyone up to date on everything HarperCollins. Oh, did I mention the free-books part of it!?

9. At some point this week I had a sit-down with my new manager and I REALLY like her. I’m really excited because my department hasn’t had any managment since October/November… and it’s really good to feel like we’re going to get back on track. Also, current management got shuffled around & we got a second manager to help out who I really like too. Work-wise, this should be a pretty good year, but management really needs to find a way to get their rules in order & make all employees happy.

10. Did you all read the guest post below? This week I had my very first blog-swap experience and it was a lot of fun! It’s a neat way to meet new people and to challenge your writing a bit. I’m hoping to do a bit more guest blogging in the future… It really was fun.

Have a good weekend!


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