Juno Awards 2010


I know that not everyone is a big fan of the Juno Awards, but I have to say that this weekend there is no place I wanted to be more then Newfoundland. Anyone who is anyone in the Canadian Music Industry was In St.John’s, NF for the 2 day award ceremony which was aired last night.

I think the best part of the entire 2-hour presentation was the closing song, Wavin’ Flag by K’Naan. I wasn’t a huge fan of this song when it first started getting popular, but the version by the Young Canadian Artists that was done not too long ago in support of Haiti is freaking AMAZING.

K’Naan sang his version of the song at the Junos and was joined on stage by a bunch of the artists who collaborated on the version for Haiti, including Justin Bieber, Faber, Jacob Hoggard, Drake, Nikki Yanofsky, Lights…. and a bunch more faces I didn’t have time to catch. It was really awesome.

One of the awards that I really wanted to see but that wasn’t televised, was for New Group of the Year. The New Cities were nominated which I was incredibly happy about. Unfortunately it was presented at the gala dinner on the night that wasn’t televised, and they lost out to The Arkells.

The New Cities at the Junos FanFare (AKA Press Conference Day) Better luck next year guys 🙂

Metric put on a really good performance. I have to say, I don’t listen to them very much but I think I’m going to give their album a shot after last night.

Lead singer Emily Haines of Metric looked FAN-tastic. I kind of want a dress like that.

I was pretty impressed- after all, they did win Group of the Year.

The one part of the ENTIRE ceremony that I really, REALLY didn’t get? Drake & his performance. Oh, and him winning New Artist of the Year. How do you become so popular and famous when you a)have no released album and b)you have no talent whatsoever? I know that’s just a personal opinion, but anyone who sings lyrics along the lines of “I just want a woman who looks 30 when she’s 81” doesn’t get my respect for their music. It’s really too bad, because I used to really like watching the guy on Degrassi, back when he was a cute and innocent actor. Drake, please. stop. rapping.

I’m sorry Drake. I just don’t get what you’re about.

Next year, the Junos are being hosted in Toronto and I really, REALLY want to go. I don’t know if that will end up happening… but we’ll see where life takes me between now and then. I just think it would be an amazing experience.

Michael Buble was so darn cute when he accepted his award. His performance was also pretty good. This guy has got a great personality, let me tell you.


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