Summer Soundtrack


Today is an absolutely beautiful day outside and it has me really excited to have many more beautiful days just like this one this summer. It feels like it’s going to be a really gorgeous next couple of months.

Anyway, I decided to open my window this morning, put my Itunes on shuffle and blare some music while cleaning my room up. It just felt like one of those mornings.

I came across a bunch of good music that reminds me of summer and good memories… I think it’s time to start making a summer soundtrack.

1. The Rockafeller- Fatboy Slim

2. Dirty Sunshine- Lilix

3. Damn Regret- Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

4. Cave In- Owl City

5. The Boys of Summer- The Ataris

6. Big Casino- Jimmy Eat World

7. Believe – The All American Rejects

8. Heaven Can Wait- We The Kings

9. She Likes (Bittersweet Love) – Forever the Sickest Kids

10. Blood Red Summer- Coheed and Cambria

I love remembering good music and finding random old stuff that I used to love on my Itunes. That’s one of the fun things about having thousands & thousands of songs to choose from. You never have to listen to the same thing twice!


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