10 Things: Week 10


10 Things That Made Me Happy This Week

1. Last Saturday I had this really huge awesome family/friends dinner at my brother’s place. He hosted a dinner party for friends and family that couldn’t make it down to Mexico for the wedding. It was a lot of fun and I met the cutest little boy. He was just under 2 years old and we became the best of friends.

2. I started receiving a few donations for my Walk to End Women’s Cancers this week. I couldn’t be happier! I really need/want to reach my goal of 2 thousand and every donation counts, so it’s meant a lot so far.

3. My work week could have been a lot worse then it actually was. I worked really long hours but I managed to keep really busy and it didn’t end up being so bad, as I thought that it might.

4. Speaking of work… My department went nearly 6 months without a manager at all. This week, I found out we don’t only have one… but two! One of the other managers at the store was switched and now works in Kids’. I think it’s kind of exciting. Plus, we had this really great productive 45 minute meeting this week together. We talked about a lot of the stuff that was going on and the things that aren’t going so well. I walked out of the meeting feeling good.

5. I don’t talk about my 101 goals very often, but I am still constantly thinking of them and slowly completing them. On Thursday, I completed another one:

10. Dye part of my hair purple

You can’t really tell in the picture, but all the underneath is vibrant purple.
I also cut my hair and really love it. Yay!

6. My mom bought this really REALLY cute purse and gave it to me. Well, I technically need to pay for it… soon-ish, but for now it kind of feels like a gift!

It’s very cute and summery… and bright yellow inside. I haven’t gotten a new purse in so long… It’s like a drug. Seriously.

7. I finished reading this really fantastic book called Tweak by  Nic Sheff. It’s a true story about the author, Nic, who relapses into a terrible drug habit after being sober for a year and a half. His life is a series of relapses and attempts at sobriety and he openly talks about his struggles throughout those really tough years. It was so real and a great read. I’d say it’s even better then A Million Little Pieces by James Frey simply because it’s got that reality aspect to it. Oh, and the author relapsed after releasing his book. I don’t know, the story really got me.

8. I have paid off a very significant amount of my debt and I’ve started saving money again. I can actually say, this week, that I feel OKAY about money… which is great. I’m on my way to crossing off another number on my 101 goals.

9. Today, Jenia invited me to go to to Cape Cod (well, near it) with her family in August for 10 days. I really think I can make it happen, and I’m  super excited about it!

10. This week I finally called University and set up my orientation and my English Exam. I couldn’t find the courage to do it because it was going to make the whole thing so real… but it really started to stress me out so I organized all of it and I’m feeling pretty good about the situation right now!

I’ve only got two more weeks of this feature to complete my 3 months for my 101 goals list… I’m debating continuing afterwards, but we’ll see. Thanks for reading!

Have a good weekend!


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