Week 11: 10 Things


10 Things That Made Me Happy This Week

1. Last weekend I spent an entire day with my mom. We did some stuff around the house and then we spent the afternoon in Ste-Annes. We had to go wash our bed duvets at the laundromat because they’re so big and we took advantage of the gorgeous day to have some ice-cream and people-watch. It was a really good time!

2. I don’t think anything makes me happier then waking up to the sun shining. The weather has been amazing all week- except that one day that it snowed atleast 5cm… but then I woke up the next day and it was practically all gone. Just the way I like it.

3. Monday was an absolutely gorgeous day so I took advantage after work and took a bit blanket outside, cuddled on the swing with a good book, and read for a good 2 hours… until it started getting cool and windy. It was a great feeling and had me excited for the beautiful summer evenings ahead

4. Tuesday I went to my old high school with Agnes and we went to a student council meeting to start organizing a Benefit Dance. The school is letting us organize this dance and all profits are going to go to our Walk at the end of August. It’s really exciting & the students were super excited to help out!

5. Being back in high school was crazy, even if it was for just a few hours. It reminded me how much has happened and changed in the last 4 years, even though sometimes I wonder if that much time has ACTUALLY passed. But being back there was great, it’s been a while since I saw my old teachers.

6. Since my last post, I’ve told myself that I’m going to be okay with the whole situation with my friends. When I was back at school on Tuesday I saw a teacher that I used to have & the first person I wanted to tell was my friend K, because we’d had that teacher together. I think when the good times outweigh the bad, it’s okay to move on. Last night I hung out with them- a little girls’ night and it was nice. We went for ice-cream and we just talked and stuff.

7. My week at work was overall really good. It’s strange to add this to my list, but since I spend 3/4 of my time there I think it’s important to atleast be happy doing it.

8. I managed to finish watching Season 1 of Felicity this week and download/start watching Season 2. I’m completely back in love with this show, seriously. I’m at the part where she cuts all her hair off, she looks AMAZING. I wish I could pull off this look with my curly hair.

9. Although my interview with artist SIA didn’t work out yesterday, I got an interview with one of the members of As I Lay Dying set-up for this afternoon. So, not exactly my kind of music. But interviews in general make my day that much more interesting!

10. I’m not a crazy huge hockey fan, but I AM from Montreal so I think this deserves a spot on my Top 10 of the week: The Habs won the playoff series in game 7! The entire city is absolutely bursting with love for the team right now.


Tonight, I’m going out with Jenn, Jenia & Laura for a much needed and long-planned girls’ night. We have a few things planned with an early wake up call for work tomorrow, which should be interesting.

I’m excited!

Laura’s birthday ’09. What an amazing night with good friends. ❤

Have a good weekend!


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