You can’t be too careful anymore


So my weekend turned out pretty great. I had a pretty quiet Friday/Saturday morning because I wasn’t feeling too good… but Saturday night I felt better and headed downtown with Jenia, Laura and Jenn.

We headed for a quick dinner & coffee at Van Houtte, the coffee shop right across the street from the Underworld venue where the Johnstones were performing that night. That venue has honestly grown on me in the last year. My first show ever there was The New Cities last February… and everything about the venue, the coffee shop and that general area reminds me of so many good times. That show, and many more.

Anyway, at 7PM Jenia had an interview with The Johnstones for CONFRONT so I tagged along to take some pictures. It was so surreal because we’ve been listening to this band for atleast 2 years now. We’ve met them a couple times at bars and stuff but they were always that ‘just for fun’ band that we all listen to (Jenia & I HATED them when we first heard them)… but now their music reminds me of so many good memories that I just don’t know how to hate it anymore.

The interview went really well from my perspective- although she’s tagged along to quite a few of my interviews it was my first time in that spot and it was really interesting/fun. The guy that she interviewed was actually super nice and a lot more professional than I had expected.

The show was great. We stood really far back but we danced and laughed and reminisced along to the music. It was fantastic.

Afterwards we said our goodbyes to Laura and the three of us headed to a really chic club in the Old Port of Montreal with Jenia’s boyfriend, Dave, for his friend’s birthday.

The club was really gorgeous inside, but there was this strange… underground lair part of it that creeped me out. It was like this crazy rave-cave type of thing. We didn’t stay down there long. The best part of the night was hanging out with everyone in the nicer upstairs area being ridiculous and taking pictures and making jokes about “baseball”.

Chris, Jamie, Jenn & I doing I’m not too sure what

“She doesn’t play baseball”

I love the three of us ❤


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