We’re here to make a scene cuz we’re living the dream


I miss this week-end. And it’s only Tuesday. I honestly need more nights like Saturday and more afternoons like Sunday.

There is so much I want to say about Saturday, I don’t even know where to start. Basically, the whole afternoon/night was a huge party with friends. Jenia & I interviewed Dave from The New Cities for CONFRONT in the early afternoon and it was just really nice to hang around and joke around with him for 15 minutes. I love interviews like that.

Afterwards we spent a couple hours in Athena & Sam’s hotel room who came down from Ottawa for the show. We took pictures and made a lot of friends… Including a room of guys who were hammered by 5PM and part of the opening band who randomly got in the elevator with Jenia & I.

The show was awesome, but our whole gang hung out at the back of the venue by the bar enjoying the music, laughing and taking pictures.

Our elevator friend Kyle wanted a picture with the two of us. So there you have it.

Tommy, Jay, me, Lisa, Jenia & Julien
This picture actually kills me. I have NO idea why Jay is making that face, but I laugh every time I look at it.

The three of us wanted a picture together but people kept walking in front of the camera… so Jay stopped all of the traffic while we took the shot and, well, we were all hysterical.

The girls! I love you all ❤

After the show we all headed to Fouf’s for some partying time. We stayed until nearly 4 in the morning just hanging around, having some drinks and laughing. And making more friends… because that’s just what we do.

The whole day and night was filled with talking about groupies and “make-out contests”… and Justin Bieber and Jackie Chan. We’re all very sarcastic people. It works well.

We only got to bed at nearly 5:30AM after some really fun adventures trying to hail a van-taxi in the middle of construction central.

The next day we woke up at 10:45 because I was getting picked up by my mom to go up North for a family brunch. My sister-in-law’s (whoa, I’m still not used to that) uncle & aunt were hosting this amazing brunch at their huge house in the mountains. I spent the entire afternoon eating and running from hot tub to Sauna with everyone who thought of bringing their bathing suits along. I was super tired but it was an awesomely relaxing day.

This week I have another hectic schedule. Today after work I’m heading to Selina’s goodbye dinner. She’s leaving us for 2 months to travel across British Columbia so I’m going to go and say goodbye. Tomorrow I have orientation for University in the early afternoon and at night I’m heading over to Jared’s  house with the girls and some other friends to watch GAME 7 Habs VS. Penguins. I’m not a huge hockey person, but it’s impossible not to be excited about an intense game like that!

What’s Happening This Summer (so far):

May 18th: Interview with Circa Survive and/or Coheed & Cambria
May 28th: Commander Keen show with the girls
June 6th: Possible interview with From First to Last
June 26th: The Spill Canvas
June 27th: Possible interview with Nikki Yanofsky
June 29th: The New Cities in Trois-Rivieres
July 10th: MY BIRTHDAY and Warped Tour in Montreal
July 14th: The New Cities in Sherbrooke
July 15th: The New Cities in Sorel
July 31st & August 1st: Osheaga (Interviews & Shows!)
August 7th: Possible Rihanna show
August 8th-18th: Very possible vacation to Cape Cod with Jenia & her family (as long as everything works out alright!)


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