May 2010 AKA Coming Full Circle


It seems that a ton of my posts recently have been reminiscing… but I don’t really mind.

Last year was such a great time in my life, I honestly can’t believe that it’s already 2010 and that enough time has already gone by for me to actually reminisce.

Anyway, May 2010 is definitely a very different time in my life compared to May 2009. I guess it’s both a good thing and a not-so-good thing. I mean, last year I was going to a show every week if not more… I was living the concert life. I had the concert bug from May until October. It was a crazy, crazy year- crazy summer.

Me, Jenia & Jenn in St.Leonard D’Aston in September ’09, Another epic, epic show.

In May ’09 I toured Quebec and Ontario with two of my best friends and my roadtrip girls. Jenn, Jenia & I went to Ottawa on May 6th for our very first show on the ‘Welcome to Your Hometown’ tour which included: The Februarys, The New Cities and Ten Second Epic.

All of us at the Montreal show on May 15th 2009

The following week we saw the same show in Montreal on May 13th, in Laval on May 15th, there was a MusiquePlus performance somewhere in between too.

May 26th we took a train to Kingston and had one of the best nights of our lives. At the end of the month Jenia & I traveled to Toronto for my very first time where we went to see The New Cities at Much On Demand, and then we went to their show the next day.

It was the craziest, best month ever. I still look back at it like it was just yesterday… I don’t even know where time has gone. I’ve been to so many shows since then that you would think it might feel like a lifetime ago since I went through that.

Anyway, since then so much has happened. SO. much. But also, not nearly enough. 2010 has been the calmest year of my adult life so far. Since turning 18 I’ve lived this entirely new life. Now I’ll be turning 21 and it’s time to take a step back from the crazy-ness. Go back to school, earn a degree. I’m excited for what’s coming next but I have to admit that at the same time I don’t want the fun to end.

I have to say that hands down, May 26th AKA the Kingston stop on our tour, was one of the best nights of my life. That show was in a church (literally, with pews!) and it was a bit strange at first to be watching a show there, but we made it work. We hung out and we had awesome sing-a-long circles and we kept really worthwhile secrets from Jenn (aren’t you glad we didn’t tell you about that card?!)

On May 13th ’09 I was at the Montreal date of the tour. After interviewing The Februarys & attending a private ‘5 a 7’ mini show hosted by The New Cities in the venue, I spent an amazing night with friends.

In exactly two days from today, May 15th, last year- I was at the Laval show on the tour with Jenn & Jenia. It was probably almost the best and worst show of that whole month. I think that was the first sold out TNC show that the three of us went to. It was the most emotional thing, I can’t even BEGIN to explain the feeling. They went from up&coming, working hard to make their name in the business… to sold out. We knew at that moment that things were going to change. We wouldn’t enjoy all the shows the way we used to, we wouldn’t just walk into a venue and be some of the only people there. At the end of the show we wanted to go say hi to the guys but as we walked into the main area to greet them, the place was JAM PACKED with fans. It was absolutely surreal. The three of us stood by the doors and stared out and smiled like huge idiots.

Looking back on that show, I’m proud of myself for remembering those good times more than the bad times. It was hard watching the show from the very back of the venue- it was probably one of my very first TNC shows from so far, actually. I wanted to be at the front, where I belonged. But then they started playing their first single, Dead End Countdown, and the crowd went NUTS. Everybody started jumping and singing along and at the back of the room I knew I had the best view; I could see the ecstatic smile on everyone’s face on that stage.

The New Cities in St. Jean at the Hot Air Balloon Festival

Nights like that one, and like every day of that month… remind me what I love so much about the music business. I mean, sometimes it’s nice to take a break from touring with a band and to just live normally and make some money, but mostly all I want is to absorb myself into that life. I wish I could live every month like May 2009. On the road, constantly happy, surrounded by the people and the music I love the most in the world.

In one year, a LOT has changed. Not only for the band, but for me. All the work I’ve done with CONFRONT this year, all the shows I’ve gone to, the people I’ve met… I wouldn’t change a thing about it. Maybe at this time next year, or even in a few years from now, I’ll look back at this moment in my life and think of how this is where it all started. I really hope so. A real passion like this doesn’t come around twice in a lifetime.

lovelove ♥


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