A Little Show Review


Yesterday I ended up having the most spontaneous day that I’ve had in a while.

I had an interview set-up for 5PM with a band that I’d barely ever heard of, Circa Survive. I listened to their album and decided that it was actually really good. I ended up interviewing the lead singer, Anthony Green, who used to be in another pretty big band before he started this one.

Anthony Green

What an incredible guy. These are the kind of artists that I love to interview. He was a super down to earth guy who had no barriers during our interview. A real, emotional artist that wrote music to save his own life. It’s a pretty great story. At one point during our interview outside 3 fans walked by and noticed him and stopped to talk. They told him that he was their idol and that his music completely changed who they are today.  One of the guys even had this huge tattoo of the artwork from Circa’s first album. Anthony got up from where he was sitting on the steps next to me and hugged the fan and thanked him and told him that it’s people like him that allow him to do any of this. I think I’m going to write the whole thing into my interview when it comes up on the recording.

The artwork that the fan had on his leg

The rest of the interview went really well too and at the end he thanked me and Christine (Confront’s photographer) for taking the time to talk to him about his band. We told him we’d be at the show too and he was super happy to hear it.

I ended up staying for their whole set with Christine, and I was pretty blown away. Like I said, I had only heard their album yesterday morning before going to the show, but they’re one of those bands that makes you want to listen to their stuff after seeing them live. When he sang on stage I almost couldn’t believe that I had actually sat down with him for 15 minutes. Everybody in the crowd was going CRAZY for him. He was insanely passionate & emotional on stage. I love going to shows like this every once in a while.

Not a shot from last night's show, but the crowd was just as crazy for him

The main band was actually the band that I originally wanted to interview and go see: Coheed & Cambria. I ended up enjoying Circa Survive a lot more though, which I guess is kind of ironic. I only stayed for about 4 songs of Coheed while Christine took pictures and then she drove me home.

Coheed & Cambria

I’m really excited to write up my interview with Anthony and maybe write up a more detailed review of the show for CONFRONT. I’m definitely categorizing yesterday as one of my favorite interviews that I’ve done so far.


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