10 Things: Week 12


10 Things That Made Me Happy This Week

Note: I know this post is atleast 3 weeks late at this point, so I’ve compiled a list of 10 Things throughout  the two weeks following the last time I wrote this one(which is probably cheating) but hey, it’s my blog so I’m going to do it. I was too lazy to change all the wording to this post, so it’s all written in last week’s form (I forgot to actually post it last Friday)

I can’t believe I’ve already been writing these posts for 3 months (more or less), it’s crazy. I can officially cross off another number on my 101 Goals list. I don’t know if I’ll necessarily continue writing these after today, but maybe every once in a while I’ll do it, it’s rather inspiring and it’s a lot of fun when the 10 Things come easily. So here we go!

1. Last Friday I felt good enough about my finances to splurge a little on myself. I hadn’t bought anything new in AGES and I wanted to look good on Saturday for the huge show I was going to… So I bought myself a fake leather jacket, some patterned tights and two new tops. I know this sounds strange, but it felt great to spend some money. It’s so weird how just a few new things in your wardrobe can make everything seem wearable again. It was a great feeling.

2. Last Saturday morning was strangely nice. It was bittersweet, actually. I don’t think I mentioned it at all, but it was my grandmother’s burial. Although she passed away in January she couldn’t be buried until the grounds unfroze. Anyway it was really emotional and incredibly sad… but afterwards the 15 of us who drove up to the cemetery went to a restaurant to catch up. It was nice to be with family for a few hours, despite the bad terms of it.

3. The show last Saturday was beyond unbelievable. The whole night honestly deserves to be in here. I met some new really awesome people and I just had a good time dancing, laughing and staying out really late with friends.

we're a special bunch

4. Last Wednesday, May 12th, was Game 7 Habs vs. Pens… AND WE WON. I went over to Jared’s house with a huge group of people to watch the final game in round 2 of the playoffs. This is the furthest the Habs have made it in the playoffs since 1993, which is INSANE. I’m not the biggest hockey fan, but living in Montreal… everyone becomes on at this time in the season. It was the craziest thing, the last 10 seconds of the game. We all counted down and when it was over we all screamed like crazy. Then Jenia tackled me to the couch and nearly suffocated me… but you know, it was all in good times!

The gang right after we won Game 7

Note: Tonight the Habs are playing Game 4 in their series against the Flyers, and last game we won the first out of the three. Hopefully they can pull it off again tonight!!

5. On Friday, I worked the greatest shift at work; 7-2. It went by so fast. Then I met up with Agnes & James who came over & helped me figure out my schedule for school. I had my orientation on Wednesday before Game 7 which opened up my registration. I’m pretty nervous for this year because I made the decision to take all my Math classes that I missed out on in high school. I want to get a business degree & I need all the pre-reqs. I’m excited and happy that I finally made that decision because I feel really good about it. A Business degree is the perfect place to start, I just need to be really motivated to get through all the tough classes that I’m going to have.

6. After registering for school we all went out together and met up with Katlynne too. We went for dinner and then some shopping. It was nice to catch up with that gang.

7. Yesterday, my family went over to my Grandmother’s apartment to finish emptying out all the furniture. They picked me up from work & we all went out for a huge amazing early dinner at Baton Rouge & then we went to my house to unload the truck of all the stuff. It was nice, we all hung around and helped out and had a good time. I’m really sad that I’ll never step foot in my grandma’s apartment again, but so much of her is in my house now that it’s okay.

8. Over the last couple weeks Jenia, Jenn & I have been making a list of all the upcoming shows we want to go to. I’m super excited, this last summer before school is shaping up to be a good one. I have to be honest, I’m especially excited for Warped Tour on my birthday. I’ve never gone to a show on the DAY of my b-day, but I think it’s going to be a lot of fun!

Warped always attracts thousands

9. This week is going to be my first fundraising event for my walk at the end of the summer for women’s cancers. On Thursday May 20th, Agnes & I will be hosting a dance at our old high school with all profits going straight to our cause. It should be fun, I’m just really hoping it all turns out well!

Note: This event happened this week and was VERY successful! I had a great time & met some really sweet kids along the way.

Agnes & I before the dance

10. I know this list is like 2 weeks late & it should really only be about the last couple weeks, but I can’t help myself right now, one of my all time FAVORITE bands- the band that introduced me to music but that broke up before I was old enough to go see them play- is getting back together for a reunion tour. Something Corporate. Toronto. August 7th. There’s no other place in the world I could think of being on that day. Holy hell I can’t believe it right now.

Note: I wrote number 10 last Friday, AS I found out about the concert. And now… I’m going! Jenia’s family moved their vacation a few days so that we could go. I’m SO EXCITED.

Have a good weekend!


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  1. I let myself have a little splurge at Target once a month where I just buy whatever I want. I try not to go over $50 and it feels so good. We deserve splurges, every once and a while! 🙂

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