I’m so sick of watching the minutes pass us & go nowhere


My weekend was good.

It was a good amount of busy & not-overwhelming, and making things better with my mom which was good. I guess things are still a bit weird between the two of us but for now, we’re okay.

On Friday night I brought all of my stuff for the garage sale over to Jenia’s house and we spent the entire night cleaning, pricing and boxing stuff for the next day… before crawling into bed and watching some episodes of The Big Bang Theory, with our glasses on and our pillows propped up. We looked like an old couple.

The next day we were both up at 7AM wishing that we could sleep for another 5 hours. But we got all our stuff outside by 7:45 and we were fundraising by 8AM. I guess I didn’t have huge expectations or anything, so I guess I’m not too surprised about not making millions or anything, but I guess in garage-sale-land the two of us did pretty decently well! We had a good time sunburning and hanging out outside all day too.

Me, my coffee & the sign at the front of the driveway at 9AM

We closed up the sale around 3:30 because it got really dead, and I had a family dinner to get ready for too. My mom picked me up & by 5:30 we were back on the road for middle of nowhere St. Anicet where My sister-in-law’s Uncle rented a cottage for the summer. I hung out with family up there until about 11PM eating lobster and sitting by the water before my mom and I made the one hour drive back home to sleep.

Today I was supposed to work 9-3 but I ended up staying until nearly 6. The day went by so fast. Unfortunately I only worked until 4 but I stuck around because popular teen author Sarah Mlynowsky had a signing from 3-5 and I got to help out. It was my first author signing type thing so it was a lot of fun. She was incredibly sweet too and she got me interested in her books, they seem really hilarious.

Now I’m just completely exhausted and I want to sleep 12 hours and maybe read a little too. I’ve been doing a lot of that in the last few weeks and there are a bunch of novels I want to read this summer so I’m trying to read even more than usual.  Actually, I think it’s time I go do some of that now!


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