“Sometimes I think I would follow you anywhere” <3


I’ve been a little MIA from blogging for the last week, probably because life has been really, really quiet. I’ve been making plans for the summer & slowly the dates are approaching, but otherwise this has been, by far, the QUIETEST few months of my life in… years.

This weekend was great though. On Saturday I went out for dinner with Laura & Jenia (after getting caught in a really lovely thunderstorm) and then we headed downtown  to meet up with Jenn in the Old Port. We ate Beaver Tails & took lots of very interesting pictures together before meeting Andrew & Jalene for drinks at Pub St. Paul.

Jenia & I sitting by the train tracks

I was pretending to be a bush. Jenn was a watering can, Laura was a tree, Jenia was a bench…
That’s just how cool we are.

The four of us tried to get into a picture… We mostly look like floating heads…
But I love us anyway

After some drinks and some Pokemon talks (part 1)… Jenia and I could not stop laughing.
This went on until we went to bed at 3AM

Our night was filled with lightsaber fights, really great dance moves (my favorite is Andrew’s N’Sync move and Laura’s hand maracas), drinks, Pokemon and fits of hysteria. This is why we all need to go out more often just because.

Coincidentally, June 5th (AKA the night we went out) was kind of a special day for me, Jenn and Jenia. Two years ago on that day was our very first hang-out just the three of us at a TNC show. It wasn’t our first show together, but that was… a really special one. It’s kind of the day that everything started for us and that band. Every year we somehow manage to be together on June 5th without even planning it.

June 5th 2008… The beginning of something amazing. ❤

This week is going to be filled with lots more of these ladies in my life. I might as well just move into Jenia’s basement until next Sunday or something. Tonight me and Jenia are heading over to McKibbons after work and the rest of the girls are meeting us not too long after. It should be a good time. We’re slowly all going out more, and not only after shows. We want to be able to have fun and go out more. Even though it’s kind of our signature friendship move to say we’re going out and then stay in and do nothing… We’re working on it.

What’s Going On:

Tonight: Work & McKibbons with the ladies
Tuesday: Wake up at Jenia’s/hang out for a bit… Work at 2
Wednesday: To be decided, maybe pick up some extra hours at work?
Thursday: Work 7-11AM and hopefully see Agnes & Kate
Friday: Work 7-11AM & then meet up with Jenn/Jenia/Lisa and some other friends to go to La Ronde (I actually haven’t been since I’m 12, I’m not the biggest La Ronde fan but maybe that’s because it’s been so long since my last visit! After La Ronde…. Who knows, free show downtown… HELLOO Grand Prix weekend in Montreal!
Saturday: LISA’S BIRTHDAY CELEBRATIONS! We’re going to start ticking off some things on our SUMMER TO-DO LIST, then go see the FABER DRIVE free show… then PARTY!

This is going to be an all around, very exciting week!

Happy Monday!


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