Grand Prix Weekend in Montreal


This weekend was the greatest way to spend a weekend in my city. I love Montreal. Grand Prix brought in thousands & thousands & thousands of people across the country and I was right in the middle of it all.

On Friday, after work, I headed downtown with Jenia & Jenn and we went to Steve’s Music Store to see Gil for a bit. We brought him out to lunch on his break, and after bringing him back to work we went to pick up Mike from the bus station. He was in town for a couple days to work at the Faber Drive show the next day. We went for some amazing poutine at La Banquise, hung out in the Old Port for a bit (making new friends, as always) and then met up with Lisa around 5:15PM to go to La Ronde. We had some really cheap passes from 5-9PM for the amusement park and it was actually a LOT of fun. I haven’t been in almost 9 years, and it surprisingly hasn’t changed all that much.

Unfortunately my 1st ride of the evening was The Monster roller coaster. I forgot how much I hated it. I was practically in the fetal position in my seat for the entire 3 minutes.

Mike & Jenn somehow convinced me to ride at the front of the Goliath rollercoaster. It was the most awesome experience ever… even though I was fairly convinced I was going to die at the first drop (90 degree angle, my friends!)

Me and Jenia hanging out on the ferris wheel… Thanks to Lisa, our terrified photographer sitting across from us!

We’re all sitting at the very top of the ride… Jenia & I are probably screaming bloody murder. I really thought I was going to fall out of that ship.

On Saturday the four of us headed back downtown around 4PM to catch some of the Grand Prix festivities. What we were expecting: An awesome afternoon on Crescent street checking out the party times. What actually happened: We got crammed in a group of 80 000 people who probably thought the exact same thing as us.

On the bright side: We got free boxes of Triscuits! A delicious snack when you’re starving on the streets of Montreal. Oh, except for the homeless people who don’t want the boxes when you try offering it to them.

After getting sick of the crowds on Crescent, we went back to the Old Port to relax in the grass and take pictures!

We lived on the dangerous side a little. It was a steep fall from that edge!

Later we went back to crazy Crescent for the Faber Drive show. We somehow managed to be 2nd and 1st row even though we only got there at 8:30PM. The guys hit the stage around 9:45 and I actually didn’t remember how much I missed them. They put on a seriously amazing 75 minute set with some pretty awesome cover songs & a bunch of their new and old music. I’m so excited to see them again on July 3rd!

After their set we literally RAN Mike to the bus station after helping him pack up the Faber merch. It was actually the most epic 25 minutes ever. We were 6 people running through the streets of Montreal, racing against the clock… and we managed to get him there with literally 5 minutes before his bus left. It was awesome timing.

We celebrated an all-around amazing weekend/Lisa’s birthday at St. Sulpice with Gil who somehow found us in the crowd. We all really loved the bar & can’t wait to go back. We made lots of new friends, and Jenia & I both went through intense personality quizzes from a couple of guys sitting next to us. We also made a really good plan with Gil about a book we all want to write together “Dating in Montreal for Dummies”. Look out for it, it’s going to be a bestseller.

I tried to pose normally… Gil & Jenn are actually slightly insane.

# of things crossed off our SUMMER TO-DO LIST this weekend: 4


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