I want you staplegunned right to my side


It’s currently 8am & although I’m very tired, I’m equally as excited. Today me, Jenn and Jenia are heading to 3Rivers to see The New Cities perform at an outdoor festival. We’re going to take advantage of the entire day and just hang out and see what there is to do all afternoon until they come onstage later this evening.

I haven’t seen them in about two months now which is pretty crazy. Last year I saw TNC’s almost once a week during the entire summer. It’s crazy how things like this change, but it definitely means that I’m learning to appreciate their shows a bit more. I had gotten so used to having them in my life so regularly I forgot it wouldn’t always be like that.

Besides that, the past few days have been really hectic. The Spill Canvas’ show this past Saturday was honestly amazing. I’m so glad we went. After spending the traditional 2-3 hours in the coffee shop across the street from the Underworld venue with Jenia, we headed across the street for the 2nd opening band, Paper Lions. They were actually really good despite the fact that I hadn’t heard all good things about them. They’re from Prince Edward Island so we decided if they play a show in August while we’re out there, we’ll probably check them out.

The Spill Canvas went onstage around 9:30 and they opened up with one of my favorite songs, ‘Polygraph, Right Now!’. I spent the entire set completely in awe by the lead singer’s voice. If it wasn’t for the bad sound in the actual venue, he would sound EXACTLY like he does on the records. I love when I go to a bands’ show for the first time and discover they’re just as talented or even more so then on their albums. TSC sang almost all my favorite songs from all their albums: Our Song, Lusta Prima Vista, Staplegunned, Dust Storm & a bunch more. He even sang a few songs acoustically and I had goosebumps because I just couldn’t believe how amazing he sounded.

I honestly miss having random shows in my life the way I do this week.

“Where words fail, music speaks.” ❤

One of Nick Thomas’ acoustic songs from the show (this isn’t my video! But it’s great quality & was on youtube so I had to post it… so thanks to whoever filmed this!)


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  1. I’d never heard of The New Cities or The Spill Canvas before today, but I love being introduced to new bands — almost as much as I love it when someone gets really into a band I introduced them to. It’s a big help that you write with such obvious passion about music, so I’ll be checking both bands out — I like the song you’ve posted the video for.

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