A smile is worth… an entire roadtrip <3


Last Friday was my second road trip of the week and probably one of the funnest days I’ve had in a long time. The three of us got back into Jenn’s car and drove down to see Faber Drive perform. I had no idea some random hicktown (AKA Brockville, land of no food) could be so fun. Or maybe that was because of us.

After spending so many hours in a car together, we’ve realized that we need things to keep busy. Turns out it doesn’t take much. A little music, a few truck drivers driving by, some food & a camera are good enough to keep us entertained for hours, and hours and hours.

Once we got to Brockville, we spent a couple hours just sitting on the dock looking out at the boats. Compared to the weather at our last show (downpour from hell in 3 Rivs) the sunshine at 25 degrees was incredibly welcome.

We spent most of the afternoon looking for food, eating, or looking for more food. Seriously, Brockville was some warped reality where all we could do was eat. Well, Jenn & I anyway. Finally, around 5:30-6PM we went inside the festival grounds and found the perfect spot to watch the show. There was already a pretty big crowd gathering near the stage, so we stood about 20-30 feet back in the crowd on this huge piece of plywood. Turns out, it was kind of the most perfect spot.

Let’s just say, that show was like… a big friend reunion of sorts.

I also happen to adore Faber. He is so perceptive with his fans & is such a genuinely nice guy. Not to mention I don’t think I’ve ever had as much fun at shows as I do when he’s on stage. This was definitely not the first time that I’ve seen him perform and never wanted the set to end. We need more Faber in our lives. More of him, his band & his pointing and smiling.

Jenia said it best in her blog post , it was the kind of show that made me forget all the other things that were stressing me out in life. I literally did not think of anything else for those 45 minutes. I was laughing, having a good time and completely… happy.

I really hope that Faber posts more tour dates for the summer because I don’t think any of us can handle waiting 2 months before seeing them play again.

Yup, that smile was definitely worth the 5 hours of driving that we did that day


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