Fuck Yeah, We Can Live Like This


Vans Warped Tour is always an interesting experience. It’s only the second time I’ve ever gone but I can honestly say that both times I’ve had the most amazing time.

This year was kind of special for me though because it was on the day of my birthday & my friends didn’t let me forget it.I’m especially glad that we all went to just enjoy the show. Jenia and I had thought of requesting to do interviews but we decided against it. Instead, we met bands, we took pictures, we waited in meet & greet line-ups and we roughed out that entire hot and sweaty day. It was totally worth it.

The entire day was a blur of shows. We went from one stage to the next, trying to figure out who was playing where/when/how long. I discovered so many great bands before actually going to the festival and I was excited to see how they were live. I also got to see some bands that I’ve been in love with for years.

One of my newer band discoveries in the last few months was Anarbor. I checked out their set for a little bit and really enjoyed it. They weren’t absolutely AMAZING live, but I also partially blame the fact that they play a show every single day for 3 straight months and are probably exhausted. They had an amazing energy on stage and they were a lot of fun. We walked by their tent later on in the afternoon and they were all hanging around so we took advantage to meet them and take a picture. They were super sweet guys.

I also watched Artist VS Poet which was a new band for me too. They were pretty good live even though I’m not super familiar with their stuff. Afterwards I had to check out Automatic Loveletter. I’ve been a fan of that band since my trip to NYC a couple years back. A friend of mine introduced me to Juliet Simms, the singer of the band, and I just fell in love with her voice. Not to mention she’s got such a badass style that only she could pull off. Oh, and they sound fantastic live. They’ve got a brand new album out called Truth or Dare which is now on my Itunes waiting for its turn to be listened to.

In between sets, the five of us just tried to stay cool and not pass out from heat stroke… Which Jenia practically did before we even got inside. I don’t think I’ve ever drank as much water as I did that day. It was intense. We did a lot of walking around, buying shirts and pins and bracelets and CDs and whatever we could afford. We made new friends at each tent and I discovered even more new music then I could have imagined.

Later on in the afternoon we all went to see the All American Rejects, one of the biggest bands on Warped this year. I missed them, especially Tyson Ritter. He is one hell of a crazy lead singer, let me tell you. He’s incredibly vulgar but hilarious. Only he could pull that kind of insane personality off. Jenn, Jenia & I also invested in these very good looking VANS trucker hats to save ourselves from the sun a little bit. Jenia said it best: if you’re going to look ridiculous, do it with your best friends.

Right after the AAR set, Jenia and I ran to the other end of the grounds to be front row for a band that we were both really, REALLY looking forward to seeing: The Rocket Summer. I’ve adored Bryce Avary’s music since high school and was BLOWN AWAY by the show he put on. He is literally a one man band. I’ve had The Rocket Summer on repeat on my Itunes all week. Jenia and I also did the fangirly thing and waited in line for 45 minutes to meet him. I don’t think I’ve ever done that? It was so worth it. What a complete sweet heart of a guy.

Right after that we headed back to the main stage for We The Kings. I discovered them 2 years ago when they first played Warped Tour and instantly fell in love with them. They’re not the most amazing band out there right now but I always have a good time when they play and I have a bit of a crush on the lead singer, Travis Clark. I have no idea why…. But if I had met him that day, it would have made my birthday complete.

It feels like I watched a never ending amount of bands that day. Jenn and I are slightly obsessed with Gossip Girl so we had to stop for a few minutes to watch Taylor Momsen’s band, The Pretty Reckless. We also watched the band do their signing afterwards. We might have lined up if it wasn’t for the fact that hundreds of people were already there. Although I think she lacks class (especially for a 16 year old) I was totally and completely fascinated at how close she was to me. Let’s face it, she made out with Chace Crawford. How can I not be slightly jealous of her?

Last band of the night was Motion City Soundtrack. The band I had been looking forward to all day. I’ve been in love with their music since I first saw them when I was 15. Their new album rocks and so does the lead singers’ hair. Jenn and I pushed our way through the crowd and somehow watched the set front row. I wish someone could have filmed us when they started playing their last song… I’ve never screamed like such a crazy person before. The two of us were completely hysterical.  I’ve also never EVER been so deaf after a show. One it was all done we stuck around and took a picture with their guitarist who was a really nice guy- I honestly can’t wait for them to come back to Montreal!

By the end of all the shows it was almost 9PM. 12 hours of music later, I was ready to party a little for my 21st birthday. A friend of ours who was working for a band called Fight Fair got us into Warped for free that day and invited us to hang out afterwards so we went to meet up with him. We were introduced to some of the members of the band he was working with and we helped them load their truck… Then we climbed inside the truck (escaped convicts style) with 10 random band guys and drove 20 minutes to where all the tour buses were. I’ve never been so terrified for my life and so hysterical about it with complete strangers. Thank God someone was holding on to me to keep me standing or else I’m 100% sure Jenia would have thrown me over she was holding on so tight.

We hung out with a bunch of new friends until 11:30. Can I just say that there is nothing better then free EVERYTHING on your birthday? Especially alcohol. It didn’t even take 2 beers for me to feel completely tipsy, but that might have been because I hadn’t eaten all day… That’s what happens when food is too expensive. We ended the night hanging around outside the tour bus watching Celine Dion fireworks and making jokes about being Canadian… eh? I’ll never forget the moment when something like 15 random guys started climbing the fence to get a closer look and the rest of us started making jokes about making a boat with the fence when it falls down to get across the river.

We ended the night off in a random bar back in downtown Montreal with Gil, Andrew & the rest of the girls. We didn’t stay out for very long but I cheersed to being 21 with a candle… and then I blew it out.

I can say that this year was not only a memorable birthday, but an overall incredibly memorable show and night. I could definitely live like this forever.


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