Destiny Gets Nervous


I can’t believe today is already July 31st. In just 5 weeks I’ll be back at school after 20 months off. I’ve spent nearly 2 years on my own, working, going on vacations, going to shows & doing lots of other little things in between. Time flies when you’re having fun.

Summer has been non stop. If I’m not at work I’m with friends. If I’m not with friends, I’m watching Friends… or some other TV show that’s kept me entertained this summer. I literally don’t have time to sit down & just be. Sometimes that’s okay though & for now I don’t mind too much. I want to live these last 5 weeks up like crazy.

August is going to be amazing. It’ll be both jam packed and the most relaxing month of the year all in one. I don’t think there’s anything I’d rather do before going back to school then traveling the East Coast of Canada with two friends & going to a couple more concerts that I just KNOW will be some of the most memorable so far in my life (I’m talking about you, Something Corporate! 7 DAYS!)

Yesterday was a really great day. I spent the day with four girls from work up in Burlington. We drove there extra early in the morning, blaring music and singing along to all the great hits from the 90’s. We shopped until we literally dropped. I spent more than I should have, but I stayed well under my budget which is good.

It’s SO weird that 3 out of the 4 of them don’t even work at Chapters with me anymore or are finishing their last couple of shifts in coming weeks. I don’t think work will be the same without them around… I laughed the ENTIRE day.

I also get to cross another # off my 101 in 1,001. I got a new piercing while I was in the States:

I absolutely love it, even though it’s quite painful at the moment. I’m now up to 9 piercings in total & I think that I’ll eventually get one more to even it out to 10. I think I’ve managed to get them in places that aren’t overly obvious & don’t make me look like I’ve got too many holes. I’d also like to think that my piercings are preparing me for the pain of the tattoo (s?) that I’d like to get within the next couple years.

Earlier this week I spent the night at Jenia’s house just hanging out. We were supposed to write up our Heavy MTL article but neither of us were motivated to write it & we don’t hang out just to hang out nearly often enough together. We ended up spending the night watching Friends, Hell’s Kitchen, blaring lots of music and finishing the night off with the movie Role Models.

Today we’re actually going to write the article, especially since it goes up in just 4 days. After that all I have to do before leaving for P.E.I is pack. The last few days before I leave should be pretty busy though. I finally get to see all my girls together in one time; Kate, Selina, Agnes & I are going to go for dinner on Monday night for the first time all summer. We’ve all been busy doing our own thing in different provinces and sometimes just at home… So finally we’re just going to hang out. Wednesday is my work BBQ and then we’re all going out for drinks which should be some good times. Thursday is my last day of work until the last week of August.

Hell. Yes!


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