When the going gets tough…


I think one of my all time favorite songs has to be I Woke Up in a Car by Something Corporate. I can only begin to describe the number of moments this song has seen me through. The first thing anyone will learn about me is how insanely in love I am with music and, more specifically my love for Andrew McMahon’s work. This song, I believe, is one of the first ones I ever heard from SoCo and I immediately fell in love with it. I’m pretty sure throughout the 8 years or so that this song has followed me around, it’s gotten hundreds upon hundreds of plays and yet I’m still always finding myself wanting to hear it again.

It’s funny that I would love a song that has to do with a songwriter who’s home is on the road… Because that is not my life and never will be. But I think that to some extent, part of my life is on the road too. I’ll never tour the entire country and sing to hundreds or thousands of screaming fans, but I will always be one of the people listening to the song and anticipating the next one to come. My heart belongs to music and this song reminds me of that every time it plays.

I miss going to shows. I miss spending all my money on 4 concerts in a row and leaning on the stage, so incredibly close to these artists that you can hear the things they whisper to their band mates.

School has made everything hard on me. It’s made the simple tasks of eating & sleeping some of the most difficult. I know what school is about, I’ve done it for 15 years… But sometimes I forget my motivation to go back. People told me it would be hard, if not impossible to go back after taking 2 years off. I always knew it was only a matter of time before I did actually start again and I don’t regret it but I miss everything about the last 2 years. Living as a nearly self sufficient adult, doing whatever I want every day is so freeing that it’s easy to dismiss the idea of homework and good grades.

No, I did not miss school. I’ll be the first to admit that. But I did miss the opportunities that came with it. Being in University means that in just a few years I might be doing what I love most. I might be able to surround myself with the business of music. It’s so soon, but it’s so much work away.

I’m writing this because I don’t want to forget. Whenever it gets hard (which is every day that I wake up) I want to be able to remember the feeling of turning on a favorite song and knowing that one day, my job will be to find other people’s favorite songs by discovering the next great talent.

And I just can’t wait until I get there.

It’s hard, but I’m thinking everything will pay off in the end. Sometimes you have to push yourself beyond your limits to get there but it will be worth it. “I’ve never felt so lost, I’ve never felt so much at home.”


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