Life has been on fast forward this last month. School and work are literally the only two things I’ve been able to handle & I’ve barely been getting by. But I need to do extremely well and, more important, WANT to do extremely well, so I’m pushing myself to a point I didn’t even know I could reach. Total and complete mental exhaustion.

But so far, this week is better. Things are starting to look up & I’m thinking that has something to do with my extreme cut in hours from work. I don’t do well under a lot of stress and I’ve shown myself that in the last 4 weeks. I need to take a step back and prioritize even more. Money is good but mental sanity is better.

But this is overall a good thing, because I’m learning what University is about. If I get through this semester alive I think I can do it for another 3 years.

I’m having an incredibly musical week too. I don’t know if that’s related whatsoever to any of what I just said, but I just can’t put my music loud enough. It’s a fantastic feeling. I love it more than anything.

This week is going to be half homework half social life, which I’ve missed lots in the last month. Any social event I’ve been to, I’ve felt incredibly stressed or like I shouldn’t be there. But this week I’m going to a concert and I’m seeing friends and I’m happy. It’s the polar opposite of what last month was… But maybe October means better things for me. Right now though I think I can do this, all of this.

I can be the happy, social student.

11 weeks to go.

Song of the week:

I honestly can’t get enough of this song & their new album. It’s amazing.


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  1. Priorities are important, especially when you add school into the mix. I cut down to 20 hours/week this semester which sucks, but school is more important to me than my part-time job. Plus, I have a great mom who helps me out A LOT. 🙂

    Good luck with the next 11 weeks!

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