Get Over It


Before you start University you have to attend an orientation session for your program where they explain the details of how you will register and what to expect throughout your degree. They tell you that it will be hard, harder then any other type of schooling you’ve done so far in your life. They tell you to brace yourself for the workload, to stay organized and, above all, never procrastinate because you’ll never find your way back.

I went to my orientation session and I heard everything I was told and I understood it. I saw it first hand with everyone I knew starting school before me, but I don’t think I truly understood the meaning of high stress from school until I started taking classes to get into Business. I’ve been challenging myself every single day and it’s been both incredibly difficult but a really amazing feeling when I actually understand what I’m doing.

But it’s meant sacrifices. All students make them and I get that, but it’s just really hard. It’s especially difficult for me because I’m taking classes that I would normally never consider and it’s been that much more of a challenge for me to get through all of it. I want to come home like I used to and relax & watch some TV. I want to go out every opportunity I get with friends and have nothing to worry about. I want to go to more concerts like I used to and do more interviews for CONFRONT like I’ve done for a year and a half. Atleast once a week I consider just dropping out entirely from school because it’s too much. Then I remind myself that I need to do this for myself. I want to do this and I want to get through this. I told myself I would give it my BEST shot and that means making sacrifices and giving my 100% everytime I go to class.

I like school, but I don’t love it and that’s why this is so demanding for me. Around this time in the semester I start to slack off and procrastinate… And I found myself doing just that last week. But now I’m in midterms and I have to get back on track and stay there if I want to make it to week 15.

My theme song this week has been ‘Get Over It’ by OK Go because that’s exactly what I’m trying to do… Getting over that middle-of-the-semester-hump and continuing to work hard. People go through harder things every day, I can just get over it and get through this, right?

Self-given pep talks sometimes help me, so that was my best shot. I want to look back at my first semester and know without a doubt that there was nothing I would have changed about it. Now, time to start studying for that math midterm!


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