Randoms of the Week


I guess you could say I’ve completely forgotten about my blog, so here are a few things that have been going on worth mentioning.

Last weekend I went to one of the coolest shows I’ve been to in a long time; OK Go. I’ve always been a fan of the band (you know, since that awesome treadmill video they released? This one?) But that show seriously put me in a never-ending OK Go type of mood. You can read my review of the show on CONFRONT Magazine here.

Me interviewing lead singer Damian Kulash & bassist Tim Nordwind

Anyway I’ve basically been listening to their records on repeat since the show on the 16th; their songs have been my study playlist pretty much and I can honestly say that interview goes in my top 5 that I’ve done so far with the magazine. Super nice guys and really funny/sarcastic/talented, my favorite.

I’ve also somehow been keeping up with my long list of shows even with all my school work and I feel like it’s time for a TV update, because I love it so much and because, well no that’s it. I just love it.

Best shows on TV this year? Modern Family, Dexter, One Tree Hill, Life Unexpected and Grey’s Anatomy. If you aren’t watching one or all of these, it’s time to get on that. If you’ve given up on One Tree Hill because it went through those two really weird and dramatic seasons, I understand. But it’s time you jump back on the wagon because that show is so freaking cute I can’t handle it.

Modern Family definitely takes the number one spot for me though. That has to be the funniest show on TV right now. I’ve never been a huge sitcom person but there have been a couple to come out in the last few years and this is one of the most hilarious.

What else? Well, I’ve barely had time to eat and sleep these last couple months so the fact that I am watching TV and going to a show once in a while is a miracle. I haven’t been reading much which makes me very sad, but I did recently pick up the book ‘I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell’ because I figured it would be an easy/hilarious read in between study sessions. Was I EVER right. Disclaimer: Do not pick up this book if you are an easily offended female. This guy goes into some seriously graphic details about his conquests and his drunken escapades but you honestly can’t help but laugh at him. Once I’m done the book I will actually need to watch the movie because it is one of the main things that cheers up my day. Reading one of Tucker Max’s stories.

Also? Don’t read this book in public, in small spaces filled with people, or in public alone. I’ve done all of the above & have been repeatedly stared out for bursting out into laughter or reading such distasteful novels. I really do need to read something a little more educated after this to make myself feel better.

Okay, I really do need to get to studying now.


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