Disney Halloween


This weekend, after months & months of discussing, the girls and I got dressed up as Disney Princesses, overdosed on candy and overall celebrated Halloween the way it should be done.

Tinkerbell, Snow White, Pocahontas & Jasmine

We also spent hours on Skype with our fifth who is now in Jasper, Alberta until next year. We missed her tons but it practically felt like she was with us. We would actually just leave the computer and keep walking around because we forgot she wasn’t ACTUALLY there. Miss you lady ❤

We spent the night  playing drinking games (our skype buddy included), we ate cake, candy and way too much other food. We went out for a few hours to this club near Jenn’s house which was a really neat experience even though it didn’t last long. It was my first time going out for Halloween and not trick-or-treating (I usually just stay in with friends and watch scary movies) but it was so cool to see all the costumes that people think of. I’m already excited to see what we decide to do next year. Apparently we might do Nintendo characters but I’m not sure how many of those costumes we’ll actually be able to find!

Me + Candy = probably not the best idea. But so yummy!

Drinking games! Drinks supplied by Pocahontas the chemist (Jenn mixed like 12 different juices & alcohols in a pumpkin and we just hoped for the best. It was delicious!)

This is what happened after eating our spooky/boogery looking cake!

Next up? Christmas at Jenia’s. Then St-Valentine’s day at my place. And then Easter at Lisa’s. This should be a fun year of holidays!


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