31 Day Picture Challenge: Day 3


Day 03 – A picture of the cast from your favorite show

This was actually a really hard picture for me to choose because I’ve always been such a TVaholic and I genuinely love a lot of shows  more than I probably should. But I was thinking back and I decided on ‘Felicity’ because I have ALWAYS been in love with this series. I used to wait up on Sunday nights when it used to air on CTV and watch the episodes with my mom even though I didn’t understand a whole lot back then… I just loved that Felicity and I shared the same hair. Now that I’m older and I’ve watched all the seasons over and over again I still love it just as much as I remember loving it back then.

I’m still upset that it got cancelled… The only thing I don’t like about the show was the series finale. It was very different, but not what I would have chosen to end it all of.

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  1. I miss Felicity to this day. My friends and I were immediately obsessed because before the show started airing the WB used to have all these promos with Madonna’s Power of Goodbye playing in them. Good choice!

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