31 Day Picture Challenge: Day 21


Day 21 – A picture of something you wish you could forget.

I tried really hard to find an exact moment that I wish I could forget entirely… But I couldn’t think of one. I’m sure that’s not because I don’t have them, but I really drew a blank on it. I took that as a sign that there isn’t anything in my life that has happened that I wish I could truly forget. Ask me to name you things I want to change & that list might be longer.

However, I still need a picture and an answer for today so I came up with this. I wish I could forget the feeling of complete… breakdown when you lose somebody that you love. When someone leaves your life after being a big part of you, I don’t think there is a worst feeling in the world. I’ve lost far too many people and I’m only 21, and that just makes me very sad for what’s to come.

I would like to lighten this post up a little bit though by saying that I don’t ever regret having any particular person in my life (that is to say, people like my grandmother, my godfather, my dad, I’ll always love them even though they are gone) and I am glad that I got to know them for the years that I did. Because regrets are never a good thing to have and I definitely try not to live with any!


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