Hopeless Romantic Much?!


I was watching some TV today and realized what a sucker I am for good romance stories. Here are some of my fave from shows throughout the years:

Michael and Sara on Prison Break are hands down one of my favorites. Heartbroken is putting it mildly when that series was canceled, and what’s worse is the way they ended it. He was like one of the TV loves of my life. It’s sad, but true!

Ned and Charlotte from Pushing Daisies. This show was WAY too short-lived. It was so darn cute and I loved the way it was narrated all the time. Also, can I say again how CUTE these two were? The whole being unable to touch one another and yet always finding ways to be close actually made my heart hurt!

Carrie and Big from Sex and the City. Come on, this one is a CLASSIC for any girl. For a long, LONG time I was convinced that Carrie had chosen the wrong one- AKA she lost Aidan. But I remember I was re-watching some of the seasons not too long ago and Big said something to her that made my heart melt. I think it was a bit over-done with the movies, but just in the series themselves, the two of them are a favorite.

Derek and Meredith from Grey’s Anatomy. I’m so glad they are finally together and married and in love. I think this show has one of the most memorable series premieres simply because of how the two of them met. I love them, that is all.

Julian and Brooke from One Tree Hill. This is one of my newest favorite couples. I think the show makes it incredibly overly cheesy, but I can’t help having serious heart pains when I see the way he treats her. This is actually the couple that sparked my need to write this post- In the last episode Julian does something so insanely adorable for Brooke that it made me want to cry. And also, how good looking is Austin Nichols? I mean really.

Who are your all-time favorite TV couples?!


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  1. For me Ross and Rachel and Jim and Pam are my two favorite TV couples of all time. I cried when Rachel came back in the Season Finale when Ross thought she had gone to Paris and I cried at Jim and Pam’s wedding.

  2. Michael and Sara have to be the best couple on TV EVER! I loved their relationship to pieces. Nothing compares. 🙂

    Oh, well Jim and Pam on The Office. I love their relationship as well.

  3. Woo Hoo! Love Wentworth Miller and Prison Break. Was real disappointed that in the following season’s that he didn’t take his shirt off as much. Guess it was a pain with all the tats. Also, still heartbroken about Pushing Daisies being off the air.

    Did you ever watch Wonderfalls? It’s by the guy who did Pushing Daisies and it’s just as delightful. 🙂

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