31 Day Picture Challenge: Day 29


Day 29 – A picture that can always make you smile.

Every single time I see this picture, not only do I smile, but I get incredibly nostalgic. This shot was taken on the beach in Cuba in March 2009 when I went on my first vacation with just friends. It was one of the most fun experiences of my life & I’m so happy with the people I went with. This picture mostly sums up every single one of our days. Beach, sun and lots of reading (I’m 2nd from the left, reading!)

I think this picture was taken on the last day of our trip. We all dragged our chairs into the low tide water and just lay there for HOURS soaking in as much of the ocean air as possible.

What an awesome week<3


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    • I love it too! One of my friends (I think 3rd chair from the right?) Got up and took it when none of us knew. We only found out when she posted it on Facebook!

      Also- hahahah NO clue who that guy is. Also never noticed him creeily staring…

  1. Being American, I sometimes forget that people can go to Cuba for vacation! It amazes me that something that is only miles off our coast is forbidden. And, of course, because its forbidden, even more reason why I want to go!

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