Globes & Maps


The great part about favorite bands is that there is somehow always a way to re-discover and fall back in love with an old song you forgot they had. I was studying for my Microeconomics final a couple days ago and I was listening to my Something Corporate/Jack’s Mannequin playlist in the background when the song Globes & Maps came on. I always liked it, but for some reason it came on this week and I just fell in love with it completely.

It’s my song of the week. I can’t take it off repeat. Don’t you love when that happens?

Anyway I came across this video of the song from the SoCo reunion tour this summer. Although they didn’t play it at the show I was at, they played it somewhere in the States and Andrew talks a bit about the song before playing it. The story behind the song is actually hilarious… and then he plays it and I had the most intense chills.

Honestly, rediscovering this song is one of the millions of reasons I love music. Enjoy!


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