Christmas Spirit…?


Maybe it’s just all the stress of school and work, but this year I just don’t feel it. It’s snowing & it’s 2 weeks until Santa comes around and all I can think about is just getting through the next few weeks of December and getting ready for my 2nd semester at school.

It’s especially hard when school doesn’t finish until DAYS before Christmas Eve. I don’t understand how that’s fair to anyone. It leaves you just about no time at all to get your gifts together and to get into the mood of the holidays with family. all I can think about until December 17th is my first round of finals as a University student. I just want to study and hope that work doesn’t get too much in the way.

But work always gets in the way. Especially this year. Retail is killing my Christmas spirit and it’s making me practically hate my job. People are mean. Every customer thinks that the world is revolving around them at this time of the year and if my attention dares not be 100% on them then I get yelled at. Which often happens dozens of time in any given shift. I’m sorry that 10 people are asking me questions at the same time. I can’t split myself up the way everyone needs me to.

It might be different if this was all I had to focus on… But when work is almost (if not more) demanding then school, it becomes too overwhelming. Between these two halves of my life, where am I supposed to fit MYSELF in?

Well, the answer is that I don’t. Or, if I do, those other two parts suffer.

I kind of just want the holidays to be over. (Okay,I’m done whining now, I promise!)


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