So Close.


I’d like to say that I’m a great student all the time, but the truth is that it’s really hard. No matter how much you try and self-motivate yourself, the need to avoid stress will always win out once in a while. This week I’ve been letting that part of me win out which is BAD.

My last two finals are tomorrow and Friday. More than anything I want to do amazing in both of them, but there is just so much work involved in achieving that goal. It’s one thing to go to class every week, to pay attention, take good notes. University requires this whole new thing that I  barely had to do in the rest of my schooling: intense studying. Actually sitting down and willing myself to review notes and practice math problems seems to be my Everest. I mean, it’s the end of semester. Who wants to sit down and look over everything again?!

So these last few days I’ve been partially studying and partially catching up on the seasons of Smallville that I’ve missed (AKA Season 7,8,9 and 10… I’m far behind!Also as a side note, I forgot in the last couple years how GOOD LOOKING Tom Welling is. and Justin Hartley. The show is just filled with gorgeous superheroes!) Maybe it’s because I work better under EXTREME stress? But today I’m going to try and avoid giving in to TV. Today is a study day and my REWARD on Sunday will be a mix of probably hectic Christmas shopping and amazing Smallville marathon of Season 8.

Superman 🙂

Hellooooo JH!

In just 4 months I’ll be applying into Business School. FOUR months. There’s still tons of work before I get there (and tons of work after, obviously) but the closer I get, the more excited I become! I’m tired of this semester but I am already looking forward to the next one. I guess you could say I’m slowly finding my love for school again.

Studying Song of the Day:

And that was my incredibly random post of 10323 thoughts for the day! Now back to studying.

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