Endings & Beginnings


Well last Friday I finally finished my first semester in University, although it almost feels like I barely made it. But I did & there’s lots to be learned for the classes that I start in 2 weeks from now!

It’s always hard to shrug off school stress from one day to the next and shift into a whole new frame of mind but I managed to do that pretty well and get all my Christmas shopping done on time for my Christmas party with best friends on Saturday night. It’s funny how we’re a bunch of 21 year olds and we still act like total kids. But honestly, is there a greater feeling then being a complete lunatic with the people that get you the most in the world?!?! No I don’t think so!

Sitting by the tree admiring presents!

Me being totally hysterical and looking drunk even though that’s only my first drink!

Playing around with Toy Story & Tinkerbell candy canes!

Sing-a-longs and pretend acoustic guitar solos!

Gift exchange in our PJ’s the next morning 🙂

Sipping hot chocolate before opening gifts- it was so yummy… and home made!

Last year on the exact same weekend, the four of us (and our one missing lady in Jasper) rented a hotel room downtown, went to a concert and did a gift exchange in the morning… the start of a really awesome tradition. This year we did it at Jenia’s house instead of in a hotel but we honestly  had just as much fun acting like crazy people. I especially think that Jen’s neighbors enjoyed watching us dance around and burn off some of those calories because we caught them literally staring at us and wondering what the hell was going on. We had fits of hysterical laughter over styrofoam (I kid you not, we were not even very drunk. Maybe a little tipsy…) and we honestly got more excited about giving each other gifts and seeing each other’s faces then actually opening them.

It’s weekends like this one that remind me how lucky I am with the friends that I have. I can honestly say that my life would be totally different if I couldn’t talk to these girls every day. They are some of the very few people that I can be 100% myself with and that shows me just how great our friendships really are. I adore you all ❤


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