Oh Christmas…


The more snow that falls to the ground, the more it feels like Christmas. It seems like every day now it’s just falling nonstop from the sky. Luckily temperatures haven’t been too awful. But it really is beginning to look and feel like Christmas- about time, right?

After an awesomely amazing party this weekend with friends, it was time to get to work and find gifts for family and my remaining friends that I wanted to get a present for. I spent 3 hours shopping today and got a pretty decent amount of stuff & I’ve got another good day of shopping ahead of me again tomorrow! My credit card is screaming at me from my wallet though. I always overspend, no matter how much I try and put a budget on myself.

But it’s so hard! When you open your eyes it’s so easy to find a million things for all the important people in your life. It’s kind of cool to realize that I’m getting old enough to actually enjoy and maybe even love buying gifts for others. I genuinely prefer that over getting gifts myself! But it doesn’t change the fact that it’s all around an incredibly stressful experience.

I’m very excited for the next few days though. After work on the 24th I’m looking forward to a night filled with tons and tons of family members, and again on the 25th. It’ll be nice once all the gift-buying is complete and I can just sit back and try and enjoy the few days of vacation from school I actually have!

And just in case I don’t have any time to write another post before the 25th, Merry Christmas! Enjoy the time with friends & family 🙂



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  1. Ugh, I totally told myself yesterday that I would NOT spend any more money yet today after work, I was back at Target, spending more money. Eep! But now I’m basically bone dry in the money dept so I have to stop, ha. 🙂

    A very Merry Christmas to you!

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