Music of 2010


Because I love music (and because I posted this on Facebook & put lots of thought into this) here are my top 10 favorite albums that were released this year:

10. Of Men & Angels by The Rocket Summer

I honestly adore everything he’s ever put out on an album, but I really fell in love with this record after seeing the      band perform this summer. The song ‘Of Men & Angels’ has to be one of my favorites.

9. Invented by Jimmy Eat World

I didn’t like this album at first but I got to listening to it during exams last month & just haven’t stopped. It’s classic Jimmy Eat World & it’s amazing. The demo song ‘Anais’ is one of the best ones, it’s too bad they didn’t record a full version, it could easily be a single.

8. Blue Sky Noise by Circa Survive

I didn’t know about this band until I interviewed the singer last spring & then saw them perform but after wards I just could not take this album off repeat. It’s super original- definitely not something you would hear by anyone else.

7. Through Yourself & Back Again by Thriving Ivory

Their first CD  was really amazing & I have Jenia to thank for introducing me to this awesome band. Their second record is just as good, I can’t wait for them to come back to Montreal!

6. Almost Everything I Wished I Said The Last Time I Saw You by Wakey! Wakey!

Thank you One Tree Hill for featuring such talented artists on your show. Wakey! Wakey! performed a bunch of their stuff on last season and I immediately fell in love with their songs. The entire album is fantastic.

5. Of The Blue Color Of The Sky by OK Go

I’ve always liked OK Go but it was only after seeing them play in October that I realized just how talented they are. Their album is so weird and different but that’s exactly why I love it. It’s all I could listen to during midterms!

4. My Dinosaur Life by Motion City Soundtrack

I’ve loved MCS since I first saw them 4-5 years ago. I love that any time one of their songs comes on I can immediately recognize it by their distinct sound. This album is just an extension of all the other great stuff they have.

3. The Suburbs by Arcade Fire

I really did NOT  like this record at first but I listened to it a good 5 times before realizing I was hooked. There’s something about it that just made me want to play it over and over again.

2. Sigh No More by Mumford and Sons

Overall fantastic album and I’m really glad to have heard about them- Just really sad to have missed the show! 1. Do Overs and Second Chances by Go Radio

Thanks for introducing me to them Chloe 🙂 Loooove the album and I can’t wait to see them at Warped in 2011. Their stuff is super catchy. What are your top records of 2010?


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