Let’s make a difference


In 2011 there are a few things I would love to accomplish;

1. Eat healthier
-Fairly self explanatory. I’m not the most food conscious person but I would love to be more careful and see myself lose a few pounds in the process.

2. Travel
– I love seeing the cities in my country, but I would love to travel a little more than that this year as well. In 2010 I went to Mexico, Prince Edward Island, Toronto and a few other small towns around home… But I want to see more.

3. Achieve a 3.0 GPA in school or higher
-My first semester was probably the worst I’ve ever done in any of my schooling, I finished with a 2.2 GPA. I’m thankful to have passed, but I want to work as hard as physically possible to boost that number!

4. Stay more organized
– Sometimes there are certain parts of my life that take over (AKA school) and I forget to do lots of other little things. I want to be more careful and stay more organized in my social life, personal life as well as just overall at home.

5. Save money
– In 2010 I paid off all of my debt and put away almost one thousand dollars in my savings- something I haven’t done since I was 17. I’m slowly beginning to understand that I CAN save and I want to put a lot more money away instead of wasting it.

6. Read 40 books or more
-In 2010 I read 31. I can definitely beat that if I push myself a little! Plus, there are tons of books that I already adore that I need to re-read. I just need to step away from the computer a little and enjoy some time with a good book.

7. Cross off atleast 50 goals on my 101 goals in 1,001 days list
-I hardly made it to 27 in 2010 but I know if I pay a little more attention I can easily do tons more… and add more to it!

8. Buy a camera and take more pictures.
-I have such terrible luck with cameras but I really miss taking pictures. I want to do it more often!

Bring it on, 2011. This year is going to be a good one.

What are your biggest goals for 2011?


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  1. Great list! I’ve been wanting to buy a new point and shoot camera and I just did a week to do list in order to try to be more organized! Can’t wait to see your progress on these items.

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