A Good Night With Friends


I’m not the biggest fan of all the post prompts that WordPress has set up for their Post A Day Challenge, so I’m taking advantage of the days I’m not crazy of their ideas to update on my regular life. You can however go visit the blog yourself and grab their prompts and start the challenge too!

Last night I had a great time with two of favorite people just hanging out and talking about life. I’ve always been the kind of person who prefers to stay in with movies then to go out to a club until all hours of the night. Although I have friends that like to do that too, I think that on some level we all really love to just hang out together with some coffee and blankets and conversation.

After work yesterday, Agnes and James came to pick me up & we went to buy some dinner food, then headed back to my place to make some food and relax. Friendships are such a funny thing- The three of us have been friends for as long as I can remember, but a couple years ago we randomly booked a trip to New York City together and we just hit it off. Up until today we’ve always made time to just hang out us three and when we do it’s like there was no time in between.

New York City, March 2008

We ended up kind of ruining dinner (well maybe it was mostly me) but only because the fajita sauce mix was MISLABELED ‘mild’ when it was very clearly spicy freaking hot. We tried to eat and then just gave up, cleaned up, and sat down at my Christmas tree to do our gift exchange. Afterwards we went down to my basement with my newly acquired SEASON ONE of The Big Bang Theory (Yay! Only 2 more seasons to purchase! Loveeee that show.) and we watched 3 or 4 of my favorite episodes from S1. It was still SO early by then (Like, 9pm?) and we just ended up talking until like 1am. It’s so crazy how we constantly find things to talk about.

Dinner last year

Along with my four other girls from my post 2 days ago, these two people are some of the most important friends I’ve had in my life. We can just talk about anything and I can hardly remember ever having an argument with any of them. It just works.

Today I’m heading to work until later on this evening and then I’ve got the whole weekend free to do as I please. I’m looking forward to taking it easy with friends & maybe catching up on Smallville. I’m almost done Season 10- I managed to practically catch up with the show in just 2 months. Crazyness.

Oh and next weekend? Josh Groban concert in Toronto with Jenia. EXCITEMENT!

Have a good weekend! Any fun plans?


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  1. My favorite times with friends are when we just talk. I’ve almost gotten to the point when I get with my friends to not plan ANYTHING but just sit and talk.

  2. Haha – I’ve so done the same thing where I put ‘Medium’ on something and it’s so freaking hot I burn everyone’s tongues. Glad you were able to recover and have a great time!

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