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Posting every day has really opened up the possibilities of what to write. Since my life isn’t nearly interesting enough to talk about every single day, I thought I might take some time to share with you some other blogs of people that are pretty fantastic & you should check out if you have the chance.

1. Ever heard of ‘The Book of Awesome’ by Neil Pasricha? It’s a bestseller and it’s great. Most importantly, it started up over at Neil’s blog. Check it out:

2. Do you ever walk into Hallmark cards and find yourself reading the ridiculous ‘Shoebox’ funny cards? Well the fine people that write those hi-larious greeting cards also update a blog… Like 10 times a day. Seriously, if you find yourself bored just go ahead and check them out:

3. If you’re looking for yet another good laugh and have never checked out Allie’s blog AKA Hyperbole and a Half, you absolutely have to. It’s kind of impossible not to be hysterical while reading her crazy antics:

4. If you’re already a fan of Hyperbole and a Half, then go check out this blog right here. He is new to my google reader(and new to the blog world I believe?) and quite hilarious:

There are also a few other blogs that I read fairly regularly that I now often go to for inspiration…

1. Already pretty well known, but in case you’ve never checked out Novelista Barista you just have to. She constantly posts amazing pictures and I have no idea WHERE she finds them but I steal them all the time. So thank you! Here you go:

2. My favorite way to discover new blogs is when people discover mine first. It’s often people who relate to me that end up commenting regularly & in turn their blog ends up being just as great. Stephany from Stephany Writes was one of the first people to comment regularly on my posts and I always make sure to read her stuff because she’s pretty great:

3 and 4. I’m not sure which of these two lovely ladies I met first, but both of their blogs are awesomely filled with lists and have somehow managed to inspire this post (GUYS! It’s my first list!) Anyway they both write blogs called ‘101 Things To Do Before You Die’ and whoa do they ever accomplish awesome things. Check out Miranda here: and Jessica here:

5. Last on my blog list is a lovely lady who probably needs no introduction but she is inspiring and awesome anyway. Go check out Kyla Roma and all the fun stuff she’s been up to lately over here:

My close friends also happen to keep some pretty awesome blogs but if I remember correctly they prefer to keep them private… But I love you guys & I love reading about our adventures together. So, you know, keep it up! 🙂

I just started reading a bunch of other great blogs too but I just don’t know them well enough yet to write a little something… What are some of your faves on your Google Reader? I’d love to discover a few more good ones!


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  1. Hi! It’s a cool blog you’ve got here, I came across it whilst browsing through the postaday2011.

    I love your idea of 101 books on 1001 days. Of those you’ve read so far, I’ve only read The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime by Mark Haddon, which I thouroughly enjoyed

  2. I think Miranda found you first and then I saw you commenting on HER blog and followed her here. But I’m glad I did! And thanks for the new blog links-I always enjoy finding new blogs to follow!

    I’m glad YOU are enjoying posting once a day.

  3. Thanks for the love! One of my goals this week it to update my blog roll with all the lovely places I visit daily. Can’t wait to check out your recommendations!

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