A Little Movie Review


Last night I went to see Disney’s latest in 3D, Tangled. I was really excited about it, as I am with most Disney 3D films (which never cease to disappoint) and this one was definitely up to par.

For those who haven’t seen it, the story is basically a slightly more modern take on the classic story of Rapunzel. Disney kept all the original facts but gave Rapunzel a spunky personality as well as her lovely prince charming, Eugene Fitzherbert. “You broke the smolder!”

I love the way Disney manages to save their image of cute fairy tales all the while being able to entertain people of my age and quite a bit older. The two characters were so perfect together and their lines were HILARIOUS. I was literally hysterical with my friends the entire time.

I’m such a kid, but I seriously want to start buying all the Disney films- new and old. It’s just one of those things I’ve grown up with and I never grow out of! From my Disney movie marathon this summer of all the classics with Jen and Jenn, to the newest Disney films such as Tangled, they just never cease to entertain me!!

How about you, what are you favorite Disney movies?


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  1. My fave traditional Disney film is The Lion King. I end up weeping everytime I see it. Now I go back and forth about my favorite Pixar movie, I think right now it’s The Incredibles!

    I really want to see Tangled. I heart Mandy Moore.

  2. My favorite Disney movie is Sleeping Beauty and my fave “new” movie is Finding Nemo.

    If you ever plan to have kids, collecting all of the Disney movies would be great for them too (although, of course, knowing all along they were for you!)

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