A bus ride home


The hardest part about posting every day is actually finding the time to do it. Before leaving only short trip to Toronto I prepared an extra post but almost completely forgot about today!

So here I am, on the 6 hour bus ride home, testing out the WordPress application on my iPhone. I have no clue how to upload pictures.

The bus is currently nearing a little Ontario city called Kingston, which I love. It’s funny because there are so many random towns around my home that hold a special place in my heart and it’s all because of music.

Even Toronto, a city that so many people don’t like, I adore because of the music scene. All these places hold my memories & it’s a crazy thing to feel so attached to towns that are otherwise pretty average.

In Toronto, I can now say I’ve been to some of the most memorable shows of my life to-date. Which I guess makes sense, I mean if I travel to go see someone I certainly hope it’s worth it. Up until now I’ve been to see The New Cities, The Februarys & Ten Second Epic, then I went to see The New Cities & Katy Perry, I traveled from Toronto to Kitchener to watch a bunch bands play an outdoor summer festival called Beat Rocks The Block in 2009, I’ve also traveled to TO to be in a music video, I”ve seen outdoor shows in Dundas Square, I went to see Mariana’s Trench, The Mission District & again The New Cities, and most recently (besides Josh Groban) I went to see the Something Corporate reunion tour. I’m sure I’m missing some Toronto shows in there because in the last 2 and a half years I’ve been atleast half a dozen times.

Now, everywhere I turn in that city, I’m reminded of one of those amazing shows I’ve been to. Although I don’t necessarily listen to all that same music, I still love having those memories with friends.

Do you have a city or a small town that reminds you of a special time in your life?


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  1. Yeah, I encountered a similar situation this past weekend. I was out of town so I knew I could post on Friday and Sunday when I got back, but I had to make sure I wrote a draft and scheduled it to post on Saturday. Its just too much to worry about!

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