Josh & other fun stuff


Well my last two days (not including work today, but mostly my trip to Toronto) were really fantastic. I want to save the details for a post once all the pictures we took are up, but basically Josh is AMAZING and honestly one of the most hilarious/down to earth guys I’ve ever had the privilege of seeing perform. But more on that in a couple days.

For now, here’s Josh performing one of my new favorite songs, Higher Window, on the Ellen DeGeneres show(watch until atleast the first chorus, his voice gives me goosebumps!!):

When he performed this song live I was completely captivated. He gives one of the most heartfelt and passionate performances I have yet to see.

Besides TO, this weekend is going to be crazy filled with awesomeness and also a little bit of sad… But I’m looking forward to lots of partying… and then next week? Oh yeah more concerts and more partying. 2011 is shaping up to be a hundred times better then last year already!

Have a good weekend!


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    • No, he didn’t! He only did a handful of songs- maybe 7-10, especially from his new album! He hasn’t played a show around here in YEARS so it was really fun. He’s so great!

  1. Have a great weekend. I’ve made a belated resolution to see more bands this year, I need more live music fixes!
    I need to check Josh Groban out, I’ve heard of him, but he’s not that big in the UK

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