Goodbye Parties and an overall awesome weekend


Well, besides the fact that I’m beginning to feel the start of a small cold coming on, this past weekend has been tons and tons and TONS of fun.

After getting home from Toronto on Friday night, I went to work all day on Saturday and actually managed to make it through without complaining too much about my lack of sleep. I headed home right after and got ready for a night of crazy fun.

A friend from work is leaving (tomorrow!sadness!) until this summer to study abroad in England. I’m super happy for her and also incredibly jealous. I hope that next year or even the year after I’ll have the guts to do the same thing. Anyway, since she’s leaving for so long and had to quit work to go, it was only fitting that we throw her an awesome goodbye party.

It started off with a nice, somewhat intimate potluck dinner at her place with a bunch of the girls from work (and some of her friends too). Some of the ladies started to pre-drink and were HILARIOUS and pretty much drunk before we left for the bar at 10PM.

Me and Teddy- So incredibly jealous that she gets to study abroad!

After eating way too much food, we all packed into three cars and headed into the insane snowstorm and to the bar. There were already dozens of people there waiting for the guest of honor (is that the right term? anyway…) We literally just hung out by the bar and at this ginormous table all night. Literally until like 3AM. I was unfortunately too poor to join in on the drinking festivities but I did a lot of video camera-ing because my coworkers are damn funny drunks!

Oh, and we obviously just took like a million pictures.

Random picture that started with two people but we just added ourselves onto the end!

The two of us went on a crazy video-taking adventure! We were rather successful

Group picture of ladies of our works’ past and present. It’s so nice to see their lovely faces even when we don’t work together anymore!

Although there was a bit of drama that made the evening end on a bit of a weirder note, we still managed to have an amazing night, maybe one of our best bar-nights (and best turn outs) yet. That girls’ got a lot of good friends, let me tell you!

On Sunday I can’t even remember what I did, probably because I was so sleep deprived. I went to sleep at like 3:30AM and my crazy cat woke me up HOWLING to be fed at 7:30AM. Apparently it didn’t wake my mom up in the slightest, who also (for some reason) had her alarm going off on a SUNDAY MORNING, but I opened my door and fed my cat and turned off her alarm before realizing I just wouldn’t be able to fall back asleep. So much for a lazy Sunday morning.

But in the evening I headed over to this really delicious restaurant called L’Academie for my staff Holiday Party. We always have ours in the middle of January when the holiday rush is over and we can close the store early, get together and just have a good time. It’s basically the managers’ way of saying Thank You for all the hard work we put in during the insanity that is November/December in retail.

I’ve literally never seen so many of us in one place at the same time. In all my years working there, there has never been such an amazing turn out at a staff party. We were easily 100 people, and we took up a good half of the restaurant. It was nice to eat and walk around and just talk to everybody together.

I ended up leaving early (like 10PM-ish) because I was just TOO tired. But It was a nice and relaxing way to end a really good weekend!

I don’t have any pictures from the staff party, but here’s one last FREAKING awesome picture from the bar the night before. All the girls tried to get in on a self-taken shot and it just makes me laugh every time I see it!

Did you have a good weekend? Do anything fun!?


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  1. I hung out with my 2 gals from undergrad this weekend…and it was made better by the LACK of photos! (I hate taking photos and consider it a miracle I escaped without any photos taken)

  2. Sounds like a brilliant weekend!! This weekend we… went for dinner with the last of the gift vouchers we got for Christmas, watched some super interesting documentaries on the plastic surgery industry and the porn industry (don’t judge! I don’t actually WATCH porn lol!!)… what else, oh went on a book buying spree… which means yours is on its way as of today! đŸ™‚

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