Goals: Week 2


Last Monday I posted a list of 4 goals that I wanted to work on for the week. I thought it was a good way to start keeping track of my 101 Goals since I want/need to complete so many of them this year to stay on track. Here’s how I did:

1. Donate an additional 2,500 grains of rice to reach my goal of 25,000 on www.freerice.com

– Darn. I forgot about this one in all the hectic-ness that was my party life in the last 7 days. That’s really disappointing because I’ve truly been meaning to go on freerice.com more often.

2. Go one month without eating junk food

–  I did super well to start off the week but by Thursday when I got to work I was so completely exhausted from life that I honestly forgot about my goal… and I ate Reese Pieces for breakfast. Fail.

3. Make a list of the 50 movies I want to watch from IMDB’s Top 250 (and get started!)

– OKAY here’s a goal I managed to complete, yay! (Stay tuned for the list)… My procrastination also got the best of me yesterday and I even watched one of the movies on my list. That’s like a good and bad thing all wrapped in one!

4. Go 3 months without buying new clothes

– Well, I didn’t buy any  new clothes this week… Score! Only 11 weeks to go. Oh dear.

Clearly, last week was not a good goal week for me. HOWEVER, I’m feeling optimistic about this week because I’m feeling a lot more focused on priorities and my partying is more or less over for the time being. Here’s what I’d like to do this week:

14. Give Blood

– On Wednesday, my friend & I planned to go give blood together so I feel like it’s only right for this one to make it on the list. It’s finally been 6 months since I got my newest piercing, so I’m allowed to give blood and I couldn’t be more excited (and slightly nervous… it’s my first time!) As long as the predicted snow storm isn’t TOO awful, this one should happen! Exciting!

17. Get all my pictures developed & create a scrapbook/album

– I’ve had this one ‘in the works’ for quite a few months now but have yet to actually DO anything for it. This week I’d like to start organizing all the pictures that I want to have developed into albums on the online website I use. I have so many that I want to get developed, I need to split them up into albums depending on how much I can spend. So this week’s goal: Organize photos & send batch #1 to get developed

39. Donate to http://www.freerice.com

– THIS WEEK I will donate more rice! My goal for the week is to donate another 2 500, making my total to-date 5 000 grains of rice.

55. Keep my room clean for 2 months

– This week I’d like to clean my room thoroughly when I have a few spare hours and, from that day forward, aim for 2 months of cleanliness. That means no clothes lying around the desk, no loose papers floating around… all that fun stuff. This one is going to be difficult!

71. Make a snow angel

– Just because there is so much darn snow outside right now AND IT’S SO COLD… It truly feels like winter so I may as well take advantage! Maybe I’ll learn to love winter just a bit more for those 2 minutes!

**I am also continuing on my goal of no buying clothes for 3 months as well as trying again with the no junk food thing. Maybe this week will be better!**


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  1. Dude, how are YOU ever gonna get control over all those photos!? Can’t wait to see your movie list. Eating junk food is one thing but Reese’s Pieces for BREAKFAST?! That’s super bad! And yay for giving blood-how much have you given over your lifetime.

    • Hahahaha Reeses for breakfast is unfortunately a guilty pleasure of mine. I reason that peanut butter is good for me & every once in a while you just need a boost of energy! I know, awful.

  2. Ha! I love how you ate Reese’s Pieces for breakfast. Been there, girl. 😉

    I love freerice.com! I haven’t been on the site in FOREVER but I should totally go there!

  3. What a great number of items. I can’t wait to see how you attack your photo albums. I am focusing on my non digital items right now. Ugh, my iPhoto has 16,000 items. I think I have a problem! Keep it up, you’re rocking!

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