I stole this picture from Mandy’s awesome Tumblr account & saved a bunch more because I’m actually in love with a bunch of the quotes/photos she posts! I was in need of a little bit of inspiration on a day that’s lacking some luster.

A few random facts about my day:

– I went to give blood with my friend today and the process was going amazingly well until the very last part where they check your iron count. A healthy count is somewhere in the 11-12 range (from what I understand) but to donate blood you need a minimum of 12.5. I was at 12.1 which meant that even if everything else was perfectly okay, I just wasn’t elligible today. Basically, they stamped a card and told me I can’t go back for another 2 months.

– I wasn’t feeling too good this week but I thought it was maybe my lack of sleep. I seemed to be fighting off whatever it was really well until I got home this afternoon and got sick right out of nowhere. Literally- feeling not too shabby one minute and the next I was blowing my nose incessantly. I haven’t been this sick in well over a year & I’m hoping that a good nights’ sleep and some Buckleys’ cough syrup does the trick. Especially since I work all weekend. Ugh.

– I was supposed to take the evening to catch up on my math homework because I’m falling behind in the course. But I actually couldn’t pull myself out of bed. I’ve been lying here practically comatose since 6PM watching TV because my brain refuses to do anything else!

Basically, not the most fantastic day. I’m hoping to wake up to a better tomorrow though!


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  1. Booo! Sorry you aren’t feeling well.

    My iron is super high because I eat a lot of trail mix and granola (nuts and dried berries have a lot of iron). Better than the usual boring foods that have high iron like broccoli and lentils. Plus Vitamin C helps your body absorb iron and I drink a lot of Vitamin Water and Orange Juice. Coffee and tea inhibits your absorption of iron.

    Sorry, just FYI

  2. Glad that you enjoyed the tumblr. I haven’t actually posted there in ages. Life sort of got in the way, I should get back to it though.

    Hope you feel better!

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