Goals: Week 3


Let’s see how I did with last week’s goals!

1. Donate an additional 2,500 grains of rice to reach my goal of 25,000 on www.freerice.com

I completed this one, finally! I really procrastinated logging into the site because it takes some dedication to sit there and do it, but I ended up playing until I hit 3,000 grains of rice & it felt really great!

2. Go one month without eating junk food

-I’m not quite at the point to start counting my one month without junk food yet, but I’m definitely learning to indulge less. I haven’t been able to cut chocolate and a few other sweets out of my life entirely because I’m worried I’ll freak out after a week or two and just go crazy. But I’m slowly edging things out of my diet (hopefully in a way that my body isn’t noticing too much?)

3. Buy no clothes for 3 months

– Still going strong! This isn’t so bad, yet…

4. Give Blood

– Well, as I posted earlier this week, I was rejected for giving blood because my iron count was just a touch off. I tried not to be too upset about it because I had a feeling it wasn’t going to work out since that’s the day I started feeling sick. Although really annoying, I know that I’ll just try again in March when I’m allowed!

5. Organize my pictures in order to slowly start scrapbooking/getting albums together

– I got this one done on… Friday I believe. I guess being sick has it’s perks? Because I stayed home and literally sat at my computer for three hours uploading everything that I wanted into different albums. They’re all organized so that I can send them out in batches to get printed. I’m really excited because I’ve got close to 300 pictures!

6. Clean my room & keep it that way for 2 months

– I really didn’t think I was going to get this one done because I’d been so sick all week and my room was basically a germ infested zone for days on end. But yesterday I just picked a spot and started organizing… and besides scaring myself at how clean I made everything, I nearly gave my mom a heart attack. Not only has everything been dusted and cleaned, but my closet, all my drawers & my bookcases have been done too! That means I can also cross off another number on my list, which is to clean out my room of everything I don’t use and donate it. Just about there!

So, the 2 months starts now. Let’s see how this goes. So far it’s been difficult. I had to make my bed and clean up all my clothes this morning and wasn’t too happy about the added work. But hopefully it’ll become a habit soon enough!

7. Make a snow angel

– Also didn’t think I’d be able to complete this one but I randomly managed to! I was walking my dog on Saturday and we were playing in the snow and I just did it. I thought no one was around but my neighbor called my mom a few minutes later and asked her if it was HER who was acting all ‘whack-a-doo’ making snow angels. My mom told her no and I got all embarassed. Ah well, gotta live a little, right!?

This week I also managed to cross off another number on my list. I was at the mall after my eye appointment and happened to see a little something that made me think of my mom, so I just surprised her and bought it for her! One of my 101 goals was to buy someone a gift, just because. Complete! It just worked out well.

… Although apparently my mom was so touched she had to out-do me and she went out and bought me a brand new computer chair this weekend! Mine was literally falling apart at the seams so she found a really cute comfy one for me. Gotta love moms!

This week, I have a few more goals in mind but I’m keeping it simple because I’ve got tons of other stuff on my plate with midterms just around the corner & I’m still really sick. I would like to:

1. Donate another 2,500 to freerice.com

2. Watch one or two movies on my list of 50 (and maybe write up a review?)

3. Spend more time reading and less time on the computer. I’d like to atleast start reading for an hour before bed each night (one of my 101)

I think I’m going to leave it at that for now because I really don’t want to overwhelm myself with exams. I will definitely try and complete another random goal if I can though.

Have a good week!


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  1. Congrats on getting all of your photos organized and what’s up with your neighbor calling you “whack a doo”? Some people! Don’t they know what living’s all about?

    • Thank you, thank you, thank you! Organizing my pictures wasn’t TOO awful because they’re extremely well organized on my hard-drive, so I really just had to find time to upload it all to the website… But still SO LONG!

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